First715chapter Chasing

with“Meteor girl”In stark contrast,Yes“Lightning boy”。
This shining technology is carefully crafted,Everything is fake“Meteor girl”Boy group,In the past year,It’s just bad luck。
At first they wanted to bundle“Meteor girl”,Interact with them,So I touch porcelain everywhere。
That’s all right,The redder is the easier it is to be touched。
Like Tang Yuan、A king like Su Mo,Which year will not face“New Tang Yuan”、“Another supernova surpassing Su Mo”?
But the key is Shining Technology in order to make“Lightning boy”Prosperous,Go directly to frame Shen Huan,Say he badly beat the mandarin ducks,Also use his identity,go withxrule“Meteor girl”They。
This is unbearable。
Especially good master。
It can’t stand these the most,So I posted a task to Shen Huan,Let Shen Huan use the most perfect posture,Hard lesson“Lightning boy”He shine technology,Regained his innocence。
This also directly leads to“Lightning boy”These boys,Suffered a major blow before debut。
Not just Shen Huanhe“Meteor girl”Fans of,It’s just that some passersby don’t despise their behavior。
Under the suppression of the entire network,“Lightning boy”Not smooth at first。
If this is the case。
Although they have suffered a lot,But because of the exposure of various news,These outstanding boys,Still attracted a lot of young girl fans,Enough for them to debut and get the first attention。
But Shen Huan didn’t let them go。
at“Lightning boy”When he announced his debut,Shen Huan supported a“Lightning boy”Eliminated,Ridiculed as“It’s impossible to sing a good song”singer——Jian Peng,Posted a single directly《He must love you very much》。