What is the reason men want to fitness, keeping in mind what?

Now, more and more men fitness habits, whether it is the gym, the stadium appears they figure, then, the reason men fitness in the end what you know?Many people think that men take for muscle fitness, in fact, this is a very wrong idea, man muscle fitness for just one purpose many men have a lot of fitness, such as the release of pressure。But no matter what the reason, the benefits of fitness is always a lot of men today night network for everyone summarizes several reasons men fitness, take a look at it transfer!1, hunt colleagues around favorite "small age 3" inside Ke Zhendong naked screen that covers the exposed collarbone with rose petals, so the cinema audience screaming girls。If one day he suddenly began to fitness, you must be in love with someone close by fitness in such a way, find a topic or make your own by fitness become more confident, which the girls do not like to have the body tight, thick arms and lower abdomen flat men do!Please carefully observe the male coworkers。2, the release of the life and work of this high-pressure pressure live in the present society, have to face every day things too much, some people could not carry easily, mental depression occur, negative energy, etc. ridden。There is a good way, out of a sweat can be solved。
The researchers found that the relevant research, experience produce a substance called "endorphins" in the human process of running, "endorphins" that can make the body and mind in a relaxed state。
"Endorphin" is also known as "happy hormone" or "Young hormone"。

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