Pregnant women should pay attention to tea, tea drinking may not be the six

Tea to health care is co-editor of health, but in recent years tea is subject to a lot of ladies。Because tea in addition to achieve the efficacy of health care, but also can achieve the purpose of beauty, but as pregnant women, the choice of the camellia must pay attention, because some tea is very suitable for pregnant women not to drink, the following six pregnant women is not to drink the tea, come to understand the next bar。Six kinds of tea Pregnant women must not touch the 1, peach tea, peach tea, peach is to get soaked in water drunk as a tea。
Peach tea brewing method is simple, can beauty, cis-gas digestion, is a romantic spring tea。Than just a peach tea, but also blind Chinese medicine, drug is bitter, flat, water vapor in addition to the main function, Lee toilet, the three worms, is actually a laxative。
So peach not drink more beautiful, healthy, but increasingly frail, ugly, damage Yin and vitality, girls in particular, not drunk, as it will affect vacation and endocrine, make the skin more dull, ugly。In addition, peach with blood, pregnant women be careful to drink more。
Like tea with traditional Chinese medicine, has some medicinal value, there are some people adapt。
So you need to know "tea" drink before sex, it would be too easy to drink tea as a "poison tea"。
Some tea has the effect of promoting blood circulation, such as safflower has a role of blood circulation, but if improper usage, will result in "more than blood" or cardiovascular disease, especially pregnant women can cause miscarriage。Therefore, pregnant women must be treated with caution tea。
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