Growth factors can cause irregular menstruation do affect fertility

Do not transfer can cause fertility?In life there are many cases women have irregular menstruation, many people even worry about, it really can cause irregular menstruation fertility it?The following night network will be with you to talk about what can cause irregular menstruation fertility it。
Irregular menstruation can cause fertility it dysmenorrhea dysmenorrhea menstrual period often difficult pregnancy if there is no organic disease of the reproductive organs, is part of primary dysmenorrhea, has little effect on this case female fertility。
But if genital lesions caused by dysmenorrhea, secondary dysmenorrhea belongs, this time mostly caused, if not treated, relieve symptoms of dysmenorrhea, then, in terms of future fertility for women, easy to difficult pregnancy。
Experts said common cause of secondary dysmenorrhea is more complex and may be cervical stenosis, uterine dysplasia, disease, endocrine abnormalities, or other causes of。The discovery of these cases, you need timely medical check up。
Affect menstrual period is very Law in Growth has just never been seen menarche, irregular menstrual period if understandable, is normal。But if you have not yet had a menstrual regularity every 20 years of age into adulthood, then it should be timely attention。Because, it indicates that you are pregnant force in reducing。
You know, some patients with infertility often manifested in adulthood menstrual disorder that。At this point, if you do not want long-term irregular menstruation cause you difficulties in the future pregnant, it would be a good guard。
Irregular menstruation can cause reproductive age at menarche too much cause it difficult pregnancy menarche is generally between 12-15 years of age, age at menarche but if you come too early or too late, then, in addition to the usual menstrual cycle often do not law, the likelihood of polycystic ovaries is relatively large。In addition, if menstrual cramps late, probably because the ovary and uterus dysplasia, or congenital ovarian dysfunction; stop for more than 3 months after the girls, if ever passing through, it is likely that this will require you to go to the hospital to do the relevant checks and treated。No matter from what point of view, as long as a month to once every 28-30 days of menstruation, menstrual 3-7 days each month are similar to the time before and after the advent of not more than one week, it is that normal circumstances。To the laws of view, you quickly see how their future fertility it!。

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