Women in Spring common sense to do so more healthy

Knowledge of what women in Spring Spring is the climate changing opportunity, at this time it is very easy to get sick of。Then you know what common sense Women in Spring it the following night network come to you to talk about women in Spring of common sense, to do so more healthy Oh!Women in Spring a little common sense, personal law at the time of the arrival of spring, stretch, increased peripheral blood supply, sweat secretion also increased, body organs load increased, while the central nervous system has undergone a soothing, hypnotic effect, limbs feel sleepy。
Then do not yield to the temptation to sleep late, because this does not help yang ascending。
In order to adapt to this climate change, it should be in the early hours daily, often to the outdoor, tree-lined trail, go for a walk in the woods, one with nature。Spring climate variability, warm when cold, while the body loose skin surface, to weaken resistance to the outside world, so do not suddenly take off when the arrival of spring, thick clothes, especially weakness。
Second, the diet to restore the body's metabolism start strong spring, the diet should be selected Sim, sweet, slightly warm the goods。
Women in Spring Spring common sense diet should avoid eating greasy cold things, eat more foods rich in B and fresh vegetables。Modern medical research suggests that overeating, lack of vitamin B is one of the causes of sleepy spring。
Spring is when the liver wang, eat acidic foods cause anger even more vigorously, stomach injury。
Should eat some sweet nature, and rich in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals in foods such as lean meat, eggs ,,, soy products, fresh vegetables, fruits, etc.。Third, the revitalized。

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