Supermodel allegedly insulted China will not participate in the Chinese netizens show on the sea, close to the edge

November 17 electric-dimensional dense big show this year, November 28 will be held in Shanghai, China, which is the secret dimension to the show for the first time in Asia。 22-year-old Gigi in recent years in Europe and America phenomenal "red network" plug fans more than 35 million, annual revenue last year to nine million dollars (1 US dollar equals yuan) revenue models among the Forbes ranking fourth。 In February, a move her thoroughly angered the whole of Asia!As a result, this action is caused outrage, were friends shelling "racist", "discrimination against Asians"!We have to brush from the topic of "Gigi isoverparty", so that "Gigi get out of the circle"!In Europe people's eyes, yellow eyes are small, so some people often use squinting action to ridicule Asians。 Coupled with Gigi to take the biscuit is Buddha, Buddhism was underway from squinting in Asia coupled with action。
Some foreign friends poll, results showed that: 66% of users believe that this matter is Gigi doing wrong: friends have also come out and asked her to apologize: Gigi but only made a few tweets expression, did not respond nor apology。 Then, users also found that this is not the first time linked with Gigi discrimination against Chinese people。 Before that, she let her mother also modify the look in reality show, saying otherwise "Her eyes will become Chinese people do."。
Naturally, netizens said angrily: We do not welcome you to!We also have to report, to refuse to participate in the Shanghai show。 The evening of September 1, Gigi microblogging apology: "I feel a great respect and love for the Chinese people, I have learned to be cautious and avoid possible misunderstanding behavior。
I hope you will accept my sincere apology. "。
Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。

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