Over and over again is not sleep at night because you could put this bedside!

  Over and over again is not sleep at night, sleep can wake up shallow sign of trouble, a good sleep sleepy too hard!Where is the reason?In your bed!  Do not put the following items 1 bed, the phone I believe many people have the habit of going to bed while playing cell phone, but it is because of this habit, will let us sleep at night, not wake up during the day, the spirit is getting worse, the body frequently issued alarm!  Psychiatric experts suggest that want to improve the quality of sleep, be sure to electronic devices with screens, such as mobile phones, tablet computers, televisions and other items out of the bedroom, away from the bedside。   These items will continue to stimulate your brain, let your spirit in the excited state, leading to difficulty falling asleep, listless。
  Want to sleep, away from the first phone, the brain completely "break off" in order to enter a deep sleep as soon as possible!  2, a lot of girls like to put pillow pillow on the bed, reading a bedtime routine to rest against the pillow。 In fact, the pillow is our spine, lumbar spine invisible killer。   Let soft pillow waist and shoulders without strong support, long-term bending state, are particularly vulnerable to lead to cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc herniation。   And with recumbent posture sedentary, it will increase the body's fatigue, neck and shoulder feel uncomfortable when sleeping, greatly affect the quality of sleep。   Furthermore, pillow, stuffed toys and other knits are particularly vulnerable to mites to breed bacteria, can easily lead to allergic skin diseases and respiratory diseases, resulting in snoring, nasal congestion and other problems, but let us awake at night。
  3, if you are a man clothes untidy, often hand to take off the jacket casually clothes piled on the bed, the bedroom disorganized, over time you will be caught again, the vicious cycle of night waking。
  Many people who have sleep disorders, because people lack a soul to relax, comfortable sleep environment。
The more tidy bedroom, the easier it is reassuring to sleep。
  Better to try the clothes clean, the bedroom items neatly, and then lying in bed, calm and quiet the mind, I believe you will fall asleep quickly!。

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