How long is it what is suffering from urticaria cold urticaria

Long-term suffering from hives is urticaria is how it happened everyday life very common skin disease, to the patient's health has brought great harm。
Urticaria cold urticaria is a common in autumn and winter。
So, in the end what is it long-term suffering from cold urticaria hives is how it happened a look at it。
Long-term suffering from urticaria how it was the cause of hives is very complex, about 3/4 of patients can not find the reason, especially chronic urticaria。 Common reasons are: food and food additives; inhalation; infection; drugs; physical factors such as mechanical stimulation, hot and cold, sunlight and so on; insect bites; psychological factors, and endocrine changes; genetic factors。 1 infection: a virus (as flu, viruses), bacteria (e.g., gold), fungi and parasites (e.g., tapeworms)。
2, animals and plants factors, such as insect bites or inhalation, feathers, flakes, etc。 3, physical factors, such as hot and cold, sunlight, can cause friction and pressure。 In addition, gastrointestinal, metabolic disorders, endocrine disorders and mental factors can cause。 Long-term suffering from urticaria how it 4 drugs, there are many causes of the disease。 , Sulfonamides, furazolidone, serum vaccine, the immune system often caused by urticaria。 And, morphine, atropine, histamine drugs such as vitamin B1 emissions, can directly cause mast cells to release histamine induced urticaria。

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