Zhengzhou "Royal One" internal view of the exposure: the ultimate luxury decoration female public relations than 4500

May 26 is full of power "Legend" and "Bonanza", is already full stop, but it has triggered debate still raging。
Monthly salary of not less than 100,000 a year working full amount of the purchase in a prime location in the capital, if the ability to highlight, but also a re-purchase price of more than 30 million cars – it is Zhengzhou "Real One" international entertainment clubs Women the actual salary of public relations。
It is reported that Henan Provincial Public Security was mobilized personnel from Xinxiang City, located in Zhengzhou take away the "Royal One," a large number of people involved have been brought to justice。
"The Royal One," is how suspected of organizing prostitution?Behind it also involves what is inside?In Zhengzhou business people speak, "a dinner party not equal to the white Palace Hotel please, treat not sing 'Real One' equal to the white sing"。 Whether "palace", or "Royal" listen only signs, you can feel its level of luxury should not be overlooked。 With the central "eight regulations" introduced, "Palace Hotel" has lost its original "tall" aura, but the "Royal One," until last November 1 was investigated same day, business was booming。
"Royal One," in the end how the fire had?Served as marketing manager in which Wang Jie (a pseudonym) said: "This store is still decorated the time, a single light over $ 500,000 charge card customers to hundreds。 "Located in Zhengzhou Zhengdong New District 'Real One', and Zhengzhou City Housing Authority neighborhood, only a year spent on decoration, lobby and hallway floor multi-use artificial jade。
"At present, its hardware, routed to the first three in China, many aspects of the Beijing over the year 'heaven on earth'。
"Said Wang Jie。
As for how much investment in hardware stores, is currently unknown。
"Anyway, regardless of your financial strength and more abundant, as long as the stepped into the hall, I will subconsciously think, enough money belt tonight。
"Said Wang Jie。
It is understood that, "Royal One," a total of six-storey, 150-room, the largest room can accommodate more than 100 people。 During business hours, until 9:00 every night, the hall is always packed。 9 o'clock is over, well-trained marketing managers, began the auction room reserved, "you out of 10000, 20000 him out, and bid the same high price who, who have the right to enjoy。 "Wang Jie slightly proud to say that, under normal circumstances 'Real One' grade in accordance with the room price from 990 yuan to 9900 yuan range, drinks another operator, basically, per capita consumption will be more than 5000 yuan。 "I'm a customer, filling two million cards dinner, drinks a result to spend 17,000 yuan, went to the toilet quickly give money to a friend telephoned。 "Wang Jie introduced, 'Real One' not before being closed down, turnover every night will not be less than 50 million。 In addition, Wang Jie show a few "Royal One," the parking lot, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Maybach, Ferrari and other luxury cars in the parking lot to get together and children crowded。
"I have friends over holding wherever he goes, opened an ordinary car, the results to the parking lot in a circle quickly left, called to say, did not own parking space。
"Wang Jie said with a smile。 In "The Royal One," served as public relations manager Liu Fei (a pseudonym) said that the police get the data from the "Royal One," the front desk computer and found that annual turnover of over 200 million yuan。 And some state-level poverty-stricken counties in Henan annual revenue just billion mark。
"I have 200 million charge in there, but a real sense that he once did not consume too, are dealing with customers and government officials regularly use。 "In the security business in Zhengzhou Qi light (a pseudonym) says。
In his eyes, it is quite upset。 "Please mostly leaders, business was bad to do now, if we do not accompany the leader, I'm only home for bankruptcy。
"It is worth mentioning that, in accordance with the law of development of business, any for-profit business, deserted after the initial operating experience will be gradually developed, but the 'Real One' never opened the first day, directly into hot period。 With the former public relations manager Liu Fei as saying, "China, leisure and entertainment will be no more than here."。 From the outside, the "Royal One" seems to have become rich gathering area。
"90% is a treat, a lot of contracts, orders, projects are here to win, and even trust relationship work, and also to talk about here, that we should provide a good platform for political and business。
"Said Liu Fei。
In fact, this model had been "heaven on earth" have reached a pinnacle。 Liu Fei's be true, most people think things formula is: eat singing a bath Leisure。
"If you do not follow this rule, even though they really do agree, do not worry。
"Wuhan citizens a say。 Since there is such a rule, we must have such a place, and "Royal One," will this "hidden rules" that – most。
Of course, the existence of this platform, and ultimately, the public relations woman。 Liu Fei said, when the "Royal One," has just opened in the number of female public relations more than 1,000 people, with the phase-out, the number of long-term maintenance shop hostess at around 500 people。

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