Dry skin care methods to give you good skin supple

Dry skin care methods have dry skin, which is very easy to dry skin, a skin type appears, especially in the cold dry, chapped skin and may even appear situation。
So in the end how to care for dry skin do the following small series to bring dry skin care methods to you, give you good skin supple!For us, the emergence of dry skin, the first thought is to supply water。
In addition to that we also need to pay to maintain it wants to know how friends may wish to follow the small series with a look。 1, add water have sufficient water and eat more fruits and suitable skin care agent without the use of alcoholic lotion。 2, select the appropriate selection of high hydrophilicity, oil-free cleanser, or skin irritation small soap-containing glycerol。
3, gently clean the skin every wash, be gentle little。
And can add two or three drops of essential oil moisturizer in the wash water, we wash when you can play the efficacy of replenishment of the。 Dry skin care method 4, use lotion lotion containing moisturizing ingredients, if the skin is too dry, use 2-3 times daily。 5, morning and evening skin with cold cream or lotion to moisturize the skin at night with repair lotion, nutritional care lotion。

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