The best time to drink coffee lactation can not drink coffee

The best time is when drink?Coffee is something many people often drink, but you know the best time to drink coffee is when you?Following small to tell you what the best time is when coffee。
The best time to drink coffee drink coffee in the morning coffee can improve constipation, but this function, drink coffee in the morning will be particularly significant, but not at other times the effect of drinking。
Before meals, 30 minutes after meals to drink coffee coffee can promote digestion, want to make this function to play the best 30 minutes before meals, or 30 minutes after meals, drinking coffee is the most appropriate time, however, because coffee will affect the body's absorption of iron, so that we can not absorb enough iron, particularly anemia are more to be avoided。
Before exercise 30 minutes a cup of coffee before coffee can improve metabolism and help burn more calories, the motion effect is more pronounced, if athletes also showed better athletic performance。
The best time to drink coffee coffee coffee when tired refreshing function is generally accepted, 1 cup of coffee, you can let us have 4 hours of his voice, so nap after drinking one cup, can stay awake, once in a while effective , but long-term people drink coffee, the effect would be small。
Coffee hazards 1.Used to drink a lot of coffee to stop drinking coffee, there will be, irritability, muscle tension and nervousness and other symptoms, and caffeine before symptoms。

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