Lori 33 points off wins against the Raptors back Biao 38 points and Dwyane Wade hurt blue tile white border

  Ticker May 8, the Heat returned home to 91-95 loss to the Raptors, the series to 1-2 behind。
  Raptors snatch home court advantage, Kyle – Lori found a sense in the last three sections, the audience voted 19 11 5 8 shooting three-pointers, scored 33 points, DeMar – DeRozan 17 shooting 6 in 19 points, Yunus – Kovalam Qiu Nasi in the third quarter injury leave, had 16 points and 12 rebounds。 [] Dwyane – Wade 6 from 4-pointers, scored 38 points and eight rebounds, the Golan – Dragic 12 points, Joe – Johnson 10 points and six rebounds。 "White side" Hassan – Whiteside injury leave, scored six points, grabbed a rebound did not, did not have time cap。   This series is the most intense of a group after two games have scored the extra-time。 Today, back home to the Miami Heat, the two sides are still very intense confrontation, the two teams starting center were injured as well, the two sides still fight to the last moment。
In NBA history, has never been a team in the first three games of the series have reached Canada, almost a record today。
  Raptors guns changed the environment, still can not find the feeling, after the opening two 3 missed shots, but frequently hit Kovalam Qiu Nasi, who played a 6-2。 DeRozan in the first section there are 7 minutes 15 seconds finally shooting, the Raptors 11-4 lead。
Dragic and Wade have fired back, play 9-2 after the two together, to level the score, Wade in this wave of attacks hit a three-pointers, one scored 7 points。 The last five 3-point attempts, Wade all hit, while in the preceding 41 shots, hit only five times (including the regular season)。
After the first section, the Heat to 19-23 behind。
  Section II played 1 minute, Whiteside knee twist in the rebound, desperation had to leave, then do not go back。 Miami Heat center had just a lack of people, the less Whiteside, more passive Heat。
This section have 1 minute 42 seconds, Joseph layup, leading the Raptors to 43-34。 Wade and the Ruhr – Deng each hit a ball, and Patterson-thirds vote for the Raptors, Kovalam Qiu Nasi alley-oop layup, the Raptors double-digit advantage。 Haslem layup at the end of this section will succeed and cause foul, penalty is not, the Heat to 40-49 behind。
  After the third 3 minutes to play, Kovalam Qiu Nasi in unstable ground after a foul on Wade, right foot sprain, also went to the locker room, then did not come back the same, both sides were injured starting center。
In front of his home, the Raptors 55-42 lead with 13 points, after his departure, and fruitful Wade, the Heat shot 26-13, the two sides after the war became a 68-68 in this section。 This section concludes with 2 minutes 11 seconds failed to score Toronto, Heat 7-0。
  The two sides into a bitter struggle, the fourth quarter several times a tie game。
Heat by free throws with six points start this section to 74-68 lead, but Patterson even with a fine cast also 3 minutes, Lori layup hit a ball, the Raptors close the gap。 This section there are 5 minutes and 15 seconds, Lori third succeeded, the Raptors 80-78 lead, then he hit a ball, the Raptors ahead by 4 points。   Lori first section of the two missed shots, 6 shots in the first half 2, but the feeling back in the second half, the third of his 6 from 4, 3 3-pointers, scored 15 points single。 He remained fourth quarter good condition, and twice succeeded outside, Raptors turn the tide。   After the game more seconds, Wade pass attack, heat will lead into 86-87。 Lori immediately also to a ball, Wade singles, shooting accuracy, the Raptors for 3-point advantage。   Raptors continue the free throw line when the game more seconds, DeRozan made two free throws, leading the Raptors to 92-88。 Wade critical moment facing the defensive third shot, the ball is not in the rinse in a circle in the basket, the Heat had to foul again。
DeRozan made two free throws after the two, leading the Raptors six points, to seal the victory。
Wade hit three more seconds in the game, but it was too late。 (Angkor)。

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