What lack of blood to eat, five, food is the blood expert (1)

  "Skin as creamy, face peach," the ancients used to describe a woman look awfully great metaphor, but also for the health of the modern state of the relentless pursuit of beauty。But the reality is that the vast majority of women are more or less lack of blood, what it ate it up blood, night net for everyone today some science。
  What is the performance of blood shortage?  Characterization of insufficient blood is actually very obvious, such as pale and thin, whole body fatigue……These symptoms are in fact inadequate internal intrinsic blood, while blood deficiency will be physical dystrophy, to Shenpi fatigue, shortness of breath lazy words, looking pale or sallow complexion, dizziness, pale lips, heart palpitations, insomnia, pale tongue, weak pulse is a common syndrome。  Lack of blood is very much harm, such as irregular menstruation, breast disease, acne, diarrhea, etc., or even lead to obesity due to lack of blood, a serious impact on people's physical and mental health, as once people distressed。
  What to eat it up blood?  Daily life can make up blood or food very much, as long as the food selection is reasonable, everyone ruddy and shiny。As the saying goes, "medicine as tonic," so when we were lack of blood, be sure to select the appropriate food in a timely manner to fill up blood。  1, longan longans with good qi and blood effect, but also add human essence and yang of the top grade, the girls often if the body cold, or even delayed menstruation menstrual pain and other symptoms of blockage, prior to each menstrual few day to drink some red dates longan soup can play a good role to improve the symptoms of。  2, white fungus white fungus in addition to supplementary blood, also has a whitening effect, to supplement the lack of skin collagen, is a good cosmetic ingredients, so all kinds of beautiful women who must pay attention to, oh。
  3, red dates as one of the most traditional ingredients of qi and blood, qi and blood effect dates of the most widely known people。
Therefore, in daily life, as long as there has been insufficient blood body various signs, people tend to come up blood by eating dates a way that can be eaten raw, but also to drink soup, quick and easy。
  4, Apple we all know that iron is an important element of the blood, Apple is rich in iron, eat apples can quickly supplement the lack of iron in the body, so as to achieve the role of blood, blood benefits。  5, the role of the common life of milk a drink, milk is rich in various nutrients can not only play a supplementary role in the blood, but also has a role in delaying a woman's menstrual cycle。In order to fully play the efficacy of soy milk, soy milk drink in the morning is the best time period。
  Lack of blood conditioning 1 how to change the diet because modern women are not enough to lead to lack of blood, on the contrary modern women eat a lot of food every day, but girls like to eat some cold drinks, sweets, for up blood no benefits, but a lot of harm。Therefore night network suggest that women should want to change the diet, eat less food that is not conducive up blood, such as cold drinks, fried foods, etc.。
Eat some have nutrient-rich foods, such as red dates, carrots, donkey-hide gelatin, etc., start up blood from Sibu aspects。
  2, women do regular exercise blood shortage is not appropriate to do a lot of movement, because a lot of games do consume too much energy, the lack of blood for females is worse。But do regular exercise under the premise of no exercise and very unhealthy, so night network suggest that insufficient blood women should supplement adequate nutrition to the body。
Women can choose to do some of the more gentle exercise, such as yoga, aerobics, tai chi, etc., so that not only serve the purpose of physical exercise to promote blood circulation, it will not consume too much energy body。
  3, adhere to massage massage to stimulate acupuncture points to stimulate a lot of points on the body, they are able to play up the role of blood, which is the lowest cost way of an up blood。Female friend used press armpit, temples, back of the head, neck, the carotid artery, etc., to promote blood running smoothly, so as to achieve "angry Wang blood" effect。

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