Feet can hurt?Feet with hot water every day in the end is a health or suicide?(1)

  Feet has always recognized the public health approach, especially in winter when the cold weather, multi-bubble feet can make the body feel warm, but recently there are a grandmother feet every day, and finally almost amputation, this is how it happened?Not to say that their feet body please?  84-year-old Hu grandmother, Huzhou, a month ago, she started to foot bath before going to bed, will soak every day。Recently, however, something wrong with your feet start。Small toes, gradually withered black hair, but also spread to other toes, even the instep。
Later, after inspection, to determine Hu grandmother because of vascular lesions, the performance will fester in the toe。
And she almost led to amputation of the culprit turned out to be a day with hot feet!  For healthy people, the feet with hot water is no problem, can dilate blood vessels, promote blood circulation, but there are three types of people unfit feet with hot water: 1.Patients with lower extremity vascular disease for patients with lower extremity arterial occlusive disease, atherosclerosis in these patients, significantly decreased elasticity, hot foot bath can not expand and harden blood vessel occlusion。Of course, part of the expansion of a relatively healthy artery blood flow had only increased the normal tissue, and ischemic tissue does not improve。
Elevated ambient temperature can be increased tissue oxygen consumption, but increased ischemia, necrosis and even the most serious can lead to amputation!  2.Diabetic foot diabetic foot is a common complication of diabetes, diabetic foot is divided into three categories: type of neuropathy, ischemic and mixed。
  Some patients neuropathy type, can be expressed as Tuizu odd feeling cold, cold。
Therefore, hot feet can easily become a comfortable choice。
The tragedy is that: Once the existence of neuropathy, pain in patients with sensory feedback mechanism, the water temperature of failure。So patients tend to continue to heat the water, even if it has serious burns, also unaware。
  Blood shortage problem faced by patients with diabetic foot, is similar to the above-mentioned arterial occlusive disease。
Therefore, if suffering from peripheral arterial occlusive disease and diabetic foot, feet high temperatures may lead to amputation!  3.Heart disease, heart failure patients with low blood pressure, dizziness often people who do not it is appropriate hot water foot bath or prolonged hot springs。
  Because their feet with hot water or hot springs later, causes the body to blood vessels to dilate, systemic blood will flow from the vital organs of body surface, which will lead to the heart, brain and other vital organs ischemia and hypoxia, to have heart disease, low blood pressure the crowd, will increase their risk of disease。  For healthy people, the feet can be carried out as usual, but for high blood pressure, lower extremity vascular disease, not suitable for people with diabetes。
  Finally Tips, feet or drinking alcohol do not, you will be drunk, do not ask me why I know……。

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