What is the origin of cat feces coffee cat feces coffee exactly

What is the origin of cat feces?Cat feces coffee is very rare kind of coffee, then you know the origin of cat feces coffee do?Following small to tell you what the origin of cat feces coffee is it。 Cat feces Cat feces coffee origin of coffee, produced in Indonesia a world's most expensive coffee。
Indonesia's coffee crop grown a lot, called a kind of wild cat animal, omnivore, sharp mouth, dark gray fur。
Favorite food is fresh coffee beans, coffee beans by fermentation and digestion in their body, eventually becoming the cat's feces discharged。 Stool is capsules of coffee beans, has become the world's most expensive manure。 As the number of very rare, so the price is very expensive。
Although this coffee is from stinky poo, but speak, drink a mouthful of sweet and fragrant, as well as a burst of indescribable sweetness from animal excrement called musk cat (animal commonly known as civet cats in Indonesia),。 This wild civet coffee like to eat fruit plump multi-paddle, but hard, hard stone (beans) can not digest, with the feces, and then clean it become cat feces coffee and coffee beans!So many people call it the "cat feces," coffee。
After processing and baking, cat feces coffee become a luxury coffee drinks, spread to the luxury of the Kingdom around the world。
Local coffee farmers, in pursuit of high profits, the wild musk cat and feeding back home, so that you can produce more cat feces coffee。
However, the output of farmed civet cat feces coffee, the taste will be a corresponding fineness lot less。
Even so, this coffee production is still very scarce, not all people like coffee can be consumed from the。 Cat feces coffee origin of the first to introduce the cat feces coffee coffee Monta US NASDAQ company () pointed out, had heard this in vivo fermentation of coffee, the industry thought it was a joke, not really, and later saw in a magazine special report before giving her interest, it took seven years of work to find a stable source of supply, the United States began to introduce a small amount。 How this coffee flavor in general, Indonesian coffee with earthy taste and taste, consistency also rank high on the crown of the continents, but the cat feces coffee Grievance and consistency of the soil is stronger, almost close to the consistency of syrup, the flavor is very special If you do not like the original Indonesian coffee, certainly more annoying cat feces coffee, if you prefer vintage-flavor beans, you may fall in love with this alternative coffee。 Cat feces coffee tasted of experts proposed polarization of the evaluation, it was a metaphor for the world of gourmet coffee。
Although it is the best, but willing to refuse to spend a thousand dollars for a drink cat feces coffee, is personal preference。

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