# # Title into Russia confirmed the election results of President Putin's re-election vote super-Qi Cheng

  23 noon local time, the Russian Central Election Commission confirmed and announced the final results of the Russian presidential election of the seventh, the incumbent President Vladimir Putin% of the vote to win in this presidential election, the turnout was also hit its previous participation the election of a record。

Under Russian law, a presidential candidate received more than half of the votes in the presidential election first round of voting will be directly elected。 The new presidential inauguration ceremony will be held this year on May 7。   According to Tass, Putin at his campaign headquarters in the evening of 18, said he will announce structural adjustment programs in the Russian government after the inauguration ceremony of new president。

Meanwhile, when talking about the prospects for Sino-Russian relations Putin said that, I believe that under the leadership of President Xi Jinping, and Russia will do everything possible to continue to enhance bilateral cooperation。

  23, Russian presidential press secretary Peskov elaborated in the new term of Putin's foreign policy, pointed out that Russia will further develop relations with other countries, including the United States and Europe。 Russia's domestic affairs policy priorities of Russia will not expand the extent of isolation in society。 Putin said that the main purpose of foreign policy is domestic government to create a good environment, and therefore the president needs diplomatic support。   18th of this month, Russia held its seventh presidential election。

Election law to take direct elections to elect the head of state, presidential term by secret ballot to 6 years。 Total, including the incumbent Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Russian Communist Party candidate grid Lu Jining, Chairman of the Russian Liberal Democratic Party Vladimir Zhirinovsky, including eight candidates participated in the presidential elections。   According to the final vote count data selected Commission published, ranked second in the Russian Communist Party candidate Lu Jining cells obtained percent of the vote, the Chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia Vladimir Zhirinovsky obtained percent of the vote, while the remaining five candidates supported by low rates 2%。

  Putin, 65, 10 was born in Leningrad in 1952, namely St. Petersburg, in 1975, graduated from Leningrad University law school, he worked in the Soviet state security institutions; March 26, 2000 Putin was first elected president of Russia; was re-elected in mid-2004。   Because the Russian Constitution stipulates that the same person can not serve more than two consecutive presidential term, Putin did not participate in the 2008 presidential election, but the post of prime minister。   In March 2012, Putin was elected president the third time。

  (CCTV correspondent of Field)。

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