Touch the ear, can prevent these four common diseases every day

4 kinds of common diseases, anti can touch the ears。
It is said that in addition to our ear hearing organ, able to distinguish the sounds of the world, but also for the balance of the body plays a very big role, the ear is one of the senses, it is also the official organ of the functional ear just so you?4 kinds of common diseases, anti can touch the ears。Then touch the ears, maybe it will tell you what special secret。
4 kinds of common diseases prevention can touch the ear。1.Profile touch the ear to prevent colds has long ears and at the back of the eye, but our eyes are looking at the range is limited, so I want to know ears look like, do not rely on other tools can not be achieved, but some kind of skills, namely elephant, also shows that we humans have touched this basic function, then how to touch it?Do not underestimate the little ears, so weak, but which is hidden a lot of meridians and acupoints, we can use the index and middle fingers touch the edge of the ear together, if in the process of touch, and then point a little effort pinch, you will find some places edge will be some pain, but after such repeated several times, will feel more comfortable, the people are more spiritual, this is because the edges of the ears hidden points, pinching action will stimulate these place。
There is also a touch method is to use our entire palm to touch the broad contours of the ear, the whole palm close to the ear, slowly stroking, you can have a massage in the direction counterclockwise along, the number remained at 40 for the round, you can according to their time and ability to do more rounds, you know ears are red tide can stop the action。
This massage can massage to the entire ear, and the ear is the most important contours touch and massage, and especially the tripod socket on the tragus of the ear, nose and throat also the focus of correspondence and other parts of corresponding points, nose and timely relief throat symptoms associated diseases, such as colds, runny nose, sore throat and other symptoms, but also help the prevention of colds, especially for some sickly, suffering from perennial rhinitis, or chronic pharyngitis smokers, have very good prevention and treatment。More related knowledge, please pay attention to the public health network Grandview Micro Signal: Grandview -COM (Long press to add a copy), health, health experts online to answer your questions, you can also press the right attention fast two-dimensional code!。

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