What is it in spring diet Taboo?

Spring diet, nutrition during early spring constitute, should give priority to high-calorie。
Therefore, the spring diet should follow the principle of high-calorie high-protein。 In the spring day diet, in addition to cereals, walnuts and other foods should be used ,,, in order to replenish the energy。
Cold stimulation, can accelerate decomposition of proteins in the body, leading to lower body resistance and pathogenicity。
So what is it spring diet Taboo?Tang Dynasty doctors Sun Ssu said: spring seventy-two, the provincial acid by Gan, in order to keep his temper。
Ming Gao Lian 'compliance Sheng Ba Jian "also recorded: when Spring taste should reduce acid by Gan, in order to keep his temper。
Meaning to say: the spring when the liver wang to Eat acidic foods, otherwise it would anger even more vigorously, hurt the stomach。 At this point you can eat some of the sweet peace of food。
Therefore, you can eat spring weather season: 1 ,: Warming not at, slightly fragrant but not dry, fill the stomach with the spleen, the role of complement weak。 Spring diet 2, bamboo shoots: In addition to protein-rich, but also rich in minerals, such as calcium, phosphorus, iron and various。
Fresh Jia。
3, pea sprouts: seasonal vegetables, right, for the patient, squeeze juice drink, the most appropriate。 4, leek: BOC warm air, warm sun Warming。
On the waist and knees, impotence, has a good effect。
Leek warm and beneficiaries to early spring leek and chives coming under the city's best。 5, toona: a wind power dissipation, detoxification, stomach qi。 When spring weather vegetables, eat its leaves, into the dishes very fragrant, often as cold tofu, fried eggs, edible。
Others such as lentils, spinach, cauliflower, coriander, jujube,, beans, dairy products, eggs, lean meat and edible fruits are suitable for spring。 According to TCM theory, the spring also some items should not eat。 As of March Jichi spring lamb, dog, quail, buckwheat, fried peanuts, fried melon seeds, fish, shrimp and spicy, etc.。

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