Extension of married life skills make you more enjoy ten strokes

Extension of married life skills we all know what married life is very important, and often only a harmonious married life, a family will be harmonious, so the couple lives appropriate to add some skills are very necessary。 Then extend the married life skills are what it following small series brings the extension of married life skill for everyone, ten strokes let you enjoy more!Ten coup to extend the time the couple love love 1, get rid of bad habits Force quit smoking, alcohol, gambling, maintain adequate sleep。 2, self-confidence to believe in their sexual function is normal, strong, wealthy reproductive capacity。 In the spirit based on the position, which is often critical of the middle-aged。 3, pay attention to the appearance of younger older people to pursue younger emotions, the body will also will be the young; the contrary, fear of aging, often sighed, "old men", made in the spirit of the aging prisoner, you will soon fall into the old man's situation。
4, nutritionally adequate diet more and more into seafood foods, including seafood due to "zinc" more, is beneficial for enhancing libido。 5, regular exercise or walking, focusing on the lower body workout。
The Rise and Fall of sexual function "key" in the waist, feet。 Experts launched a "Love love training method", required when the House of Love every action can exercise the muscles。
In the following ways to do it, you will feel physical comfort and spiritual joy, get fucked tight muscles strong。
6, enjoy the beauty under the premise of loyal Fuji love his wife, love to hold female frame of mind, so that will be able to stimulate the secretion of gonadal hormones, maintain the unremitting sexual function。 As shown in Figure 7, to keep the ambitions Self motivated, full of passion for work。
Comfortable life after retirement yearning for some people, to meet the grandchildren, their early aging is inevitable sex。 Even retired, you should be able to find some of their favorite cause public affairs。
8 tips to extend the life of the couple, life humor and witty humor to keep the great secret of youthful。
Accelerate the pace of modern life, city people work pressure, prone to physical function decline, the situation。 While people also "fed and warm, think of lust" and therefore particularly concerned about the decline of sexual function。 9, open-minded and good humor, not to worry about mere trifles around, open mind is not the old trick, depression can cause impotence。
10, every day, insist on taking nutrients with natural?Food, it can delay the body aging and decline of。 Quality of sleep, associated with the marital relationship。

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