A meet, some craze

A word edge, a meet, when I was holding a painted fans standing in the Sansei Stone River, you dressed in Luoshan, armed with paper umbrella, Gean phase concept, eyes the moment the intersection of each other, thousands of feet of ice to melt instantly, warm wanton, a stunning encounter, how many languishing Looking back, reluctantly, did not want to leave。A meet, I promised some colorful, I accompany you forever。    At that moment met, this life is destined to linger in the Red Mo, write and describe, drop the word into mourning, shallow verse, the word is like a tie please, gentle and smooth。Cantabile you want, play ray scent of ink, such as melody regret, the injection tip of the brush, with thy flower smile, walk in between the lines, you love Yin long period of death。    Red sexy, life Cantabile, time-hearted chase bluestone lane in the banks, you want to lower paper umbrella, that Empress Dowager, smiled and talked, poetic and naive, I dressed in a blue cloth gown, because the flow of people look at you Rideau , drunk back, emotion Hekan。Get out of the Red tie him down, take a memo Xinyu, a touch of tenderness, in this life peacefully, years of quiet good years, and Roubo my eyes, smile and swayed your eyebrows, parked curved thoughts, misty rain at the Red static painting a Ukiyo clear Huan。If we say, less sea today you wait, the other end of the horizon is not your thoughts, then why the other corner of the world, someone waiting for you。    Deep Love, just because you have the pain of Acacia, never reduced, using alcohol to conduct itself, drank endless weathered the years, co-rhyme temperament of the United States, as you guard, has not yet cleared banish thoughts of leaving sway。That meet the most beautiful, more infatuated memories, Acacia rendering, accompanied by a wine person in loneliness, hope Yunjuanyunshu the sky, together with the dispersed state of mind。Feelings of wind, water, smile, wine is not drunk, drunk people, light Dan Yiqu Acacia, accompanied acquaintance notes, play the moment of parting Inner Voices。    Hang some carving, cloud invasion of years, it can not be air-dried tempting emotions, should the End of the World stranger, why leave alone the warmth of your fingertips, not accompanied by love?Should be, I would like butterfly, flower among the dance, with you I lonely?Should be, my foot out of the Red, the Sansei stone, carved your name, Weak water three thousand, only take a spoonful, only this long with blue lamp Buddha。    After several clouds, fleeting breakdown。A meet, I heard the sigh, the origin of an idea, tied, even if spring, also willingly。Meet moment, not a phrase that sentimental smiling, flowers Yang, Liu do fold, at that moment, I secretly vowed, and after years, even a leopard, and you have to hold your hand, and long marriage。    Choudao the flow of water, toast Xiaochou worry even more unhappy, helpless, tangled love to read, lingering heart。And the moment you passionate encounter, doomed in this life will fall, and you met, still ecstatic, fell in love with you, you know?I never experienced the pain of the passage of time, how to experience Acacia?Never mess with black hair, how fleeting chaos?Memories, Su Jian has left is not dry handwriting, Acacia dye to make the scent of ink, a deep cavity Acacia pouring, trickling touch of tenderness turned into Acacia rain。    Water rush, in youth, the blooming life of emotions, just waiting for you to daydream。

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