Toyota, Accenture and other companies to create artificial intelligence taxi system to solve traffic problems

Toyota, Japan's taxi, KDDI and Accenture (Accenture) today announced the launch in Japan of the pilot artificial intelligence (AI) taxi dispatch system plan。 City and metropolitan traffic jams are very common。 Traffic, weather events, local events, and so may lead to delays hit the car in the people even do not hit cars。
Day or night time is the ability to delay some expected, high demand occurs during the rate demand due to accidents or bad weather resulting in a service interruption, loss of income and potential customers for the taxi company is a serious The problem。 Japanese rush hour traffic a little almost legendary traffic jams and rush hour car road and rail links will be extended to 22:00 after。
AI is expected to reduce the impact of traffic disruption and better predict demand for services, accurate predictions can not only improve customer service, but also enhance their own income。
Toyota, Japan's taxi, KDDI and Accenture hopes to take advantage of technology related to the development of a predictable demand for taxi dispatch taxi service support system。 The system first historical data, weather forecasts, local event schedules and availability of public transport integration in together, and then use artificial intelligence learning models and algorithms to predict demand for rented transport。
Toyota and other companies, said, "The system uses artificial intelligence to use taxis in Tokyo in the forecast every 30 minutes, a parameter used is 500 meters grid-based model。 Therefore, more and taxis can be sent to the increased demand for supply to serve underserved areas, can reduce passenger waiting time, while also improving vehicle scheduling by optimizing the utilization of a taxi。 "Toyota offers its Mobility Services Platform (MSPF), for processing and analysis of data。 Daren Japanese taxi to develop applications, demand forecasting data for the taxi cab driver, KDD is to take up to create a new demographic forecasting system, the system of migration cities monitored。
Accenture is in collaboration with various companies to develop and improve the analysis algorithms to predict demand taxi engines。 Pilot taxi dispatch support system is being expanded downtown Tokyo, Japan。
According to the company, the system predicts consumer demand accuracy rate of 94.1%。
Since the prediction accuracy rate is so high, rush hour can send more cars, which is beneficial for passengers。
The driver can also benefit from an average sales growth of 20 February.4%, while the average growth rate of total sales during the entire pilot is 9.4%。 The pilot later this year will launch a new taxi fleet。 These companies are not the only company that utilizes artificial intelligence in the field to deal with the flow of traffic and commuting challenges。 In February this year, Sony announced a partnership with Japan's six taxi companies (GreenCab, InternationalAutomobile, KusumiTransportation, DaiwaMotorTransportation, CheckerCabRadioCooperativeAssociation and HinomaruTransportation), jointly developed and launched artificial intelligence-based taxi service。
These companies will establish a joint venture focused create artificial intelligence dispatch services, the use of artificial intelligence to predict consumer demand。 Sony said that artificial intelligence can fine-tune demand forecasting, improving customer service and "Taxi to prepare the necessary number of"。

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