Jeremy Lin three 20+ 21 + 3 + 4 + 2 rocket to save the match point 2 to 3 Blazers

  Ticker May 1, the Rockets 108-98 at home to regain a city, the total lead into the first round 2-3。
  Jeremy Lin scored a career playoff-high 21 points, a rocket hero, he also assists 4 times。
Dwight – Howard scored 22 points and 14 rebounds, Chandler – Parsons 20 points, James – Harden 15 vote 5, 17 points and seven assists, Omer – Asik 10 points and 15 rebounds。   Wesley – Matthews scored 27 points for the Trail Blazers, Damian – Lillard 26 points, eight rebounds and seven assists, Robin – Lopez 17 points and eight rebounds, Nicholas – Batum 15 minutes, LaMarcus – Aldridge only 8 points。   Rockets to 1-3 behind, in this case to be overturned, impossible and, but not impossible, some people around them had personal experience。
"The Dream" Olajuwon own experiences he had in mid-1995 Western Conference semifinals to 1-3 behind the sun, but ultimately successful comeback, won the championship that year。
"As long as you focus on the game, and then to Portland, the pressure on to them over there," Olajuwon said. "You now have no choice, we must concentrate。 "After the opening, the Rockets one of the most drastic momentum。 Howard strong play basket succeeded, Beverly hit the third, they start to 7-4。
Blazers feel too good, sudden foreign investment within Lillard, and soon the score beyond。 This section there are 4 minutes 09 seconds, Jeremy Lin jump ball twice in a row with each other, the results obtained ball for the Rockets, under Parsons fast, dunk, the Rockets to tie it at 21-21。
Jeremy Lin followed steals, Parsons hit third, the Rockets ahead。 Asik dunk twice before the end of this section, the Rockets to a 30-27 lead。   Earlier unremarkable Daniels has carved a name for itself, Chinese fans gave him a "magic pill" nickname。 He immediately hit the third shortly after the second play, the Rockets play 11-0, 41-27 in one fell swoop in order to widen the gap。
Blazers played in this section for nearly four minutes after the first shooting, the Rockets continued onslaught, after more than half of this section, Lin-thirds vote, the Rockets to a 51-34 lead with 17 points。 After three minutes the rocket failed to get, was a pioneer tenacious counterattack。
Jeremy Lin hit three more seconds when this section, the Rockets to a 56-46 lead。 Lillard also in the cast to a ball, the gap to single digits。   Jeremy Lin is doing well, the first half, scored 10 points, he also had four assists and two steals, Parsons 11 points, 9 points Harden。
Lillard scored 18 points for the Trail Blazers。   The two teams are not strong ability to control the situation, several rockets were overturned in the case of double-digit lead, the counterattack was today。
The third quarter and nine minutes, the Rockets to a 62-52 lead, Matthews hit consecutive three-pointers, the Blazers began to chase points。
This section there are 4 minutes 05 seconds, even after Batum scored four points, they only 66-71 behind。
Jeremy Lin break layup, but failed to stop the offensive Blazers。
Matthews In this section the last two minutes and twice hit third, once the gap to 2 points。
Jeremy Lin even vote with a penalty scored three points, the Rockets to 82-77 through three quarters ended。
  Beverly physical discomfort, reduce the playing time, more opportunities to Jeremy Lin。 The fourth quarter and 9 minutes and 22 seconds, Jeremy Lin hit consecutive shots, the Rockets to a 91-82 lead。
Unfortunately, after which Jeremy Lin be a mistake, a shot timing is also poor, Portland seize the opportunity to play a wave of 8-0, only 90-91 behind in the game with 7 minutes 39 seconds。
  Rockets repeatedly gave opponents the opportunity, but the Blazers failed to grasp。
Previously 0-5 three-pointers in the Harden finally hit the long shot in the game there are 3 minutes 16 seconds, after which Jones grabbed an offensive rebound, tipped succeeded, the Rockets scored seven points in the game 1 minute 29 seconds to 107-98 lead。
  Blazers gave up the game, pulled in the main there are 1 minute。

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