Out block chain of more and more anxious, more and more Buddha play Bitcoin system

Circle of friends spread all kinds of science and culture forum link more and more, 3 o'clock in the group outside the group "academic dispute" more and more intense, the media needs to recruit "block chain of reporters know" more and more urgent, BAT and a unicorn quietly test the waters of public action more and more frequently, even the People's Daily and the two organizations are beginning to pay attention – block chain finally become a national topic。
However, various theories and rampant, attitudes, opinions relative, is obviously immature block chain scenarios and lack of technology。
"Bitcoin block chain is still the only demand" argument has a large number of fans。
Look currency ring chain ring: a handful of hot spot as one of the pioneers of the earliest contact with Bitcoin, with 5-year-old currency Qinhuangdao restaurant owner Zhou Cheng recent good mood a little。
Bitcoin survived the dark moments of ups and downs, through anxiety block chain to give us, Bitcoin prices bounced back some。 "But now I see the main value of the currency, and things rarely see block chain。 Older, not so interested in the technical。
"In fact, Zhou Cheng Among this year only 26 years old, this age play money around his old buddy can be considered small。 "Two years ago I said that one day block chain will become like the Internet infrastructure。 "Zhou Cheng said," but now the block chain as the Internet bubble period of 2001, (the market) but also slowly squeeze the bubble, return to reason。
"In 2013, Zhou Cheng electronic business platform on a payment, the system prompts find money to pay for a discount with a bit more than the original price。
So he bought the first one bitcoin life on Taobao。 Like most of the earliest players like Zhou Cheng Bitcoin will be seen as a great opportunity to speculation。 250 Bitcoin, held five years, one has not sold。
Now Zhou Cheng currency price still full of confidence, this confidence stems from his bullish on the block chain。
"As previously only universities, companies and institutions have a computer, but now almost every household has the same, maybe the next two or three years you can actually block chain fall。
"Confidence circumferential Cheng," as long as the universal block chains, will not fall bit credits, they are chicken and egg relationship。 "But in the end when considered block chain has become, no one knows。 At least for now, the real phenomenal few applications, but momentum block chain Missing Piece。 Technology BAT media closely watching the action in the area of the block chain, but Ma, Li, who was lamenting over two sessions "block chain technology is still in its early stage, it does not match the state of the art heat and。 "" Block chain fire ah, I think the value of the currency is to 'stand' up。
"Zhou Cheng think the problem is in the final analysis the money。
"You see now applied block chain of small, light talk about the concept does not really matter。 People are most concerned about can not make money, in fact, ordinary people really have no interest in technology。 "But Zhou Cheng situation is still quite lively now block chain of happy, because" the more people are concerned, the technical staff will be more attention, the more blocks chain will accelerate the fall。 "Now Zhou Cheng busy business day an Indian Buddhist-themed restaurant, and occasionally look at currency price circle of friends was full of photos and small video food, hardly any currency or block chain and digital-related content。 "In simple terms, money to buy a little bit, then close your eyes, do not look Do not look at television news, there will be surprises after three years。 "Zhou Cheng philosophy sounds a bit mysterious," Do not you think the currency could get three to five years, honed patience, resist the temptation of the outside world, it's harder than playing techniques?This is simply inherent practicing an anti-human。 "This 'made up his mind, do not look do not listen to' the idea is widely present in the first group of bit players among the coins, in particular hold out three to five years is not sold, it is not a technology enthusiast or practitioner groups of people。 Zhou Cheng's circle of friends, nor was there a lot of people forward various articles on the block chain, but no one took him into the dubious authenticity of what group at 3 o'clock。
"The first play of the currency does not know what is the block chain, now talk every day on hand chain block what little money。 "" Techno flourishes like a river carp, holding Bitcoin can hold three to five years, very few。 Defensive shares such as widowhood ah。 "Zhou Cheng half past eleven at night before I came back from the restaurant, with some pride sigh," after flourishes, from dawn to dusk and then earn money really commendable。 "Look coins chain circle circle: a little spark, however Zhou Cheng ideas may still be too optimistic。 At least so far, the domestic ICO is still banned in the state, and the project-based block chain technology development is also facing a crisis of identity。 And Chen Wei Xing Zhu Xiaohu That high level of mouth battle highlights this embarrassing。 Shanghai programmers Ike personally involved in the development of a block chain project for nearly a year, he recently found more and more people began asking him about the prime issue block chain, circle of friends from various public number of popular science articles are more and more。
But with the folk attention comes a fist intensive supervision from the top of the。 Last September, People's Bank of China and other seven ministries jointly issued "on guard against the risk of financing issued tokens" that the ICO acts of alleged illegal fund-raising, illegal issuance of securities and the illegal sale of tickets tokens and other criminal activities, let Ai Zhe Yiquan the company is located grams once in trouble。
"The government of no tokens 'block chain' is supported, but in my personal opinion point of view, there is no token is not called Block Chaining。 "Ike carefully handle the wording says," because it is a value network, there must be something to represent a value, deliver value, so as to encourage nodes to provide services。 "However, in the primary market, was hit block chain boom became a 'classical Internet investor' of Zhu Xiaohu, Bo Shao and others on the ICO project or have conflict, or hesitant attitude。 Prior to the introduction of regulatory policies, a lot a lot to be cut too bloody leeks increased their understanding of this。
"I'm not optimistic about this form of ICO。
"Zhou Cheng of a circle currency friend said he would not go any exchange tokens with Bitcoin。 "Companies need to regularly participate in the IPO to open their own financial situation and equity, and accept the audit and supervision, but it looks like ICO civil illegal fund-raising。 "He believes that a lot of their own development teams unreasonable amount of pre-reserved a large number of tokens, in fact, have the leverage to manipulate the value of the currency, under this situation is no different from ordinary retail investors hoping to be slaughtered。 After the ICO has become the target of public criticism, Ike project involved the development of active money back to the buyer, but there are still some people willing to continue to hold tokens。 "The remaining reluctant coin users can trade in foreign exchange。
"Ike said," our currency on the exchange, we can not control, after all decentralized。 "For Ike, the current block chain such controversial reputation is almost a 'sweet torment'。
Because in his view, the block chain has represented a hope for the future change。
In addition to Bitcoin, a digital currency Ethernet Fong, he also holds EOS stars such as tokens。
"Block chain yeah it might really be the future……Part of my positions also will be caught, but from the point of view of currency standard, do not look from the perspective of legal tender。
"Ike said, the relationship between the price of a currency and the currency itself is not large, most of the money comes with no exchange, the price is only the players give it properties。 "For example Bitcoin, it does not price itself, we are now traded on the exchange price is only given to it by price, but Bitcoin system itself can not tell you this, it only tells you how many coins you。
"Ike a little self-deprecating to say," I have been so hypnotized own。
"Ike is now at hand is the most tokens EOS, because he felt that 'the future may be block chain version of AWS'。 EOS is a platform that allows developers to create new applications block chain at its tip Agreement。
EOS software will introduce a new block chain infrastructure, application support to the center of expansion in the vertical and horizontal directions。 Comparative computer system, the EOS is equivalent to the operating system (underlying architecture) + hardware (computer providing a force memory bandwidth), the user can develop and run directly on top of its own software DAPP (APP to the center of the block chain), anyone can develop on top, totally free of charge。
"All public services are run on the block chain, to the center, clearly plainly。 He holds the private key to hold your own assets。 I think this is the desire of the people has been the。
"Ike says。 About policy control, Ike revealed that, in fact, many domestic blocks chain entities registered abroad, and under the centralized environment to develop, "There is no entity is also possible", which also makes the traditional judicial control We are faced with many challenges。 In addition, the side chain according to the agreement, all Bitcoin can be safely transferred from the main chain to other bitcoin block chain, and can return to the main chain security bitcoin block chain from the other, "like the airport currency exchange。
"Zhou Cheng said the protocol popularized until the side chain, wants to destroy Bitcoin is like a mass of air or hate hate a group of soil, it can only be a last resort。

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