Prevention of hyperlipidemia should do how to do this daily five points to!

High blood lipids known as hyperlipidemia, refers to the increase in plasma cholesterol or triglyceride levels all causes。
So, in everyday life, for high cholesterol, you may be how to prevent it daily prevention of hyperlipidemia five First, limit the total energy。 Basal metabolic rate to reduce the elderly, low energy requirements than adults also。 There are more elderly hyperlipidemia should be strictly controlled energy intake, energy intake per person per day should be controlled within 29 kcal per kilogram of body weight, equivalent to not more than 300 grams daily staple food。
Nutritionists recommend to the elderly foods are bread, rice, bread, tofu, soy milk, milk, lean meat, fish and a variety of vegetables, fruits, etc.。 Second, high-fiber diet。
Dietary fiber in the diet may be combined with a bile acid, an increase in fecal bile excretion, lower serum cholesterol concentrations。
Foods rich in fiber foods are whole grains, cereals, dried beans, vegetables, fruits, etc.。 The amount of food intake of fiber per day, preferably to 35 to 45 g。 In addition, low-fat, cholesterol diet。
The elderly hyperlipidemia should strictly control of animal fat or cholesterol intake, cooking oil with vegetable oils rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids based, such as soybean oil, peanut oil, corn oil, eggs no more than one day, or 2 to 3 days 1 egg。
In addition to drinking, quit smoking, limit alcohol。
Experimental studies have shown that a variety of tea have lower blood lipids, promote fat metabolism, lipid-lowering effect of green tea which is best。
Therefore, the elderly hyperlipidemia may wish to tea。
Scientific research shows that long-term smoking or alcohol abuse can interfere with lipid metabolism, cholesterol and triglyceride rise。
Therefore, the elderly is best to quit alcohol limit。
Finally, optimizing lifestyle。
Hyperlipidemia elderly patients should pay attention to regular lifestyle。
Appropriate to participate in sports and recreational activities, maintain a good attitude, try to avoid often stays up late, excessive fatigue, nervousness, emotional over-excited, adverse psychological and mental factors such as anxiety or depression have a negative impact on lipid metabolism。 related suggestion。

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