All knowing, all knew that, like the case of people who do a happy thing, do not ask is the edge of robbery

Love is a love, love the wrong youth, knew everything, knew everything, like the case of people who do a happy thing, do not ask is the edge of robbery。    When very tired, we should pause to tell yourself: You should adhere to is maintained, do not be so easily deny their own, do not be afraid of what will happen tomorrow, tomorrow will be about afterwards genius to know, before everything changed for the better, total to experience some bad days, not because of any defect and give up some insist, bad life to a certain extent, it will gradually get better。If everything is still unhappy, you have to loneliness, defensible strong, even if you get no applause, but also elegant curtain call, in order to thank yourself seriously pay。There are some things that we know will happen someday, someone we know will one day leave。    However, we still calm in the face。Perhaps others forgotten, but it is exactly what we remember, and perhaps others look down, and yet it is precisely our valued, or perhaps in a casual moment, our feelings just like become a mere concern, so it I would choose such hesitate to go。Sometimes, we have done a lot of mental preparation to face all this happen, but when it occurs rush, but still makes some off guard。Sometimes always worried that the sky would fall, the heart will be broken, the road will do, and now want to worry about what is the use, when the heavens, is barely holding hands, tears of heartbreak when the stick is not back, the road I have done, but the foot is still going。    If one day, the people you care about slowly walked away, and finally silence was gone, those beautiful walked, said Thanksgiving, hanging in the heart tie him down, saying the words do not give up, there is not He tells of the time to treasure, and whether they may in the fleeting wind, drifting away gradually Health cool。Rendanruju, years predicament。Some times we just use a pair of clumsy hands, some of the plain words, a drop from the heart, and the heart of the most real emotions, remember the thing to remember, he said that say, want to think of the people。    When there are some things always hide in their hearts, never forgotten, that a person, always miss in my heart, but could not bear to think of, think of fear, fretting。Those important day, always in doubt whether she would be escorted through a festival, wanted to say, want to do, after all, want to give greetings hidden in the heart, will always think of sight, kept asking herself, she slept can smell, eat these days, can wear warm, when renowned for, but I do not know what else to say, what can be said。Like a person is not difficult, the difficulty is in knowing that when people are not so fond of you, but you still love her silently。Often hear people around me complained, he said:“you've changed”。Another man also said:“You have changed”。But in my opinion, maybe we have not changed, we just closer and closer to the real you。    Time are piles inch by inch, the heart is a piece of dyed gray。Stranded past, very close and very far away, time flies, and perhaps do not want to remember something, maybe they do not want to forget someone, fear not see the day, afraid that they already forgotten the man's appearance, so always go there her message to see the place, in the heart recite, until they are completely clear of mind, no longer forgotten, will feel at ease。Then tell yourself is true: Since some things a man can not have, then do not forget。    I do not want to say goodbye, because we have to separately; can not say goodbye, because the eyes contain tears of sadness, fleeting in the wind, thinking someone lorry slowly away, but we can only silent。    We should believe in life, everyone came to earth with a mission。Perhaps he ordinary small, perhaps insignificant him, but I believe there is always a corner that he would set aside, there is always a need of his presence。So, instead of in their own small world, guarding simple stable and well-being, not to panic over a lifetime without interference, retention regret。It would be better to put it another gesture, make their living irreplaceable。    Sometimes I think all down, so put down the dignity, personality put down, put down a stubborn, until the last man failed to put down the heart。Gradually realized that life is worst than losing a loved one, if you love a person, never afraid to lose, because the man has been in my heart, in the memory, time away, and finally found, but the worst was because he loved a man, and bit by bit lost his。

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