What to eat these remedies treat high blood pressure on the right

What are the treatment of hypertension is a very serious disease, it can be a direct threat to life in a short time, then what remedies to treat hypertension and small series together to see what remedies the treatment of hypertension introduce it!What are the remedies for treating hypertension flavors sticking Antihypertensive] [Formula 150 g fresh ginger, 50 g castor kernel, Evodia, aconite 20 grams, 10 grams borneol。
[Production] will castor-jen, Evodia, monkshood first mashed, research into the go。 Fresh ginger smashed into the mud, coupled with the end of borneol were transferred into a paste。 Sticking two foot Yongquan every night before bed, take down the next morning, once every 5?10 will receive markedly。 [Effect] Warming spleen, Pingganjiangya。
With the treatment of hypertension。 Magnolia fish ball rule Xuhuoshangsheng [Formula] raw fish (fish or sea can) 200 g, magnolia petals 15 5, MSG, cooking wine, sesame oil and salt to taste。
What are the remedies for treating hypertension [production] to stab the fish chopped, shredded or magnolia end, both Hunban into the mud。
Take egg white, stir with chopsticks hair thick, add a little sesame oil, wine, salt and monosodium glutamate。
Then the fish Magnolia mud made several small balls, put people with a good dip in egg white uniform, remove the code in the center of the plate。 The steamed fish ball on the entire disk Magnolia steamer boil 5 minutes。 edible。
[Effect] Yin, moistening, chills。 Xuhuoshangsheng for high blood pressure, especially suitable hook。

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