Chinese wine-producing areas characteristics hold together for the first time unveiled the national rum

  During the exhibition rooms, the exhibition will focus on the establishment of the webcast for online wine lovers and professionals providing interactive communication services, increase the fun。   Chairman of the China Association of Wine Alliance, said Professor Li Hua, Chinese wine must establish a culture of self-confidence, self-confidence and product origin confidence, we must take the most unique Chinese wine into the world, to share with the world, so that consumers see, to tasting more much better Chinese wine。   China is the world's largest and most promising wine market, with inroads into the imported wine, homemade wine is facing unprecedented challenges。
This rum first demonstration of Chinese characteristics wine-producing areas, is a landmark initiative, hope that through this showcase, will further promote the development of China's high-quality wine industry, to more effectively create "Chinese characteristics, a world-class" Chinese wine image, so that consumers can more solid, more intuitive understanding of the characteristics of Chinese wine and related areas, and for the Chinese wine to the world, to build a platform to expand overseas markets, promote exchanges and cooperation between Chinese enterprises and foreign wine industry。   At 11:00 on March 22, China held a grand wine exhibition will focus on the opening ceremony, to be invited Chinese President Li Hua Association of Wine Alliance, led by wine experts and scholars at home and abroad, producing leaders, entrepreneurs as the Chinese wine winery "Platform "introduce Chinese wine scene, broadcast live webcast invited into the room, so that more practitioners and wine enthusiasts can experience this immersive feast of Chinese wine industry。
Site will also have a mystery guest, as well as red wine masters net winery suzerain came to the studio, chat with friends wine, wine tasting, red envelopes。
This gluttonous feast of Chinese wine, worth the wait。

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