TVN rated Korean drama favorite why more and more realistic themes?

Yi Kwang – su Zhengyu and the United States in the play represents the younger generation confused。   Korean drama "Alive" tells "the police station daily" TVN high ratings drama, Yi Kwang – su, starring US Zhengyu, Noh Hee-kyung screenwriter; why more and more Italian reality drama theme?  Was a lot of Korean fans Tucao This year the theme into a television station TVN "fantasy vicious circle" in, finally launched a once broadcast on realistic themes acclaimed drama "live" after entering the March。
This department to the police station as the center of the story, not the higher "suspense route" on the big, but a bit like the "police story" is the everyday emotions of police job, but why this one looks particularly extraordinary drama, played two weeks before the ratings have been almost equal to 6%, a favorable word of mouth, TVN broke out returning to the real theme of energy。   The story ● younger generation Employment "live" story first and foremost a "group portrait drama", although Yi Kwang – su and Zhengyu the United States is clearly the protagonist, but with Pei Sheng Yu, Sung Dong-il, Bae Jong-ok these old drama of bone to join, each supporting story lines also very plump。 Then the police officers in this story is what people do?Both of them just become police "rookie", the police have been doing this job for more than two decades of "old world"。
All these people, the police first and foremost a job, is a salaried job, so many young Koreans desperately to prepare the pro forma two years, admitted to the police academy but also to adhere to the teeth to be able to finally graduate, and premise because this is a civil service job。   Young people have great survival pressure is a global problem。
"Live" the first episode on the show young people looking for work difficult, the writer also revealed by the mouth of the protagonist workplace discrimination against gender, education, family background。 Despite the drama in the young idol dream of living a glamorous life, but in fact this generation Korean society has been called the "five cast Generation": give up love, marriage and childbearing, to give the younger generation of buyers and relationships。 Reflects the harsh living environment of young people such buzzwords to some extent in recent years, also have "this life is the first time" work to face this kind of problem, "men and women drinking alone."。   ● workplace will encounter difficulties in addition to the couple's distress, in this story, even if it is already seasoned from Interpol police two decades, or encounter unexpected difficulties in the workplace。
Obviously jumped into the sea to save people, but was framed in the course of duty in a drunken mess things up, and drowning killed policeman just cracked major credit outstanding has inexplicably been "deceitful" to the head of his superiors……But the work must continue, also reached the old police dismissed transfer Kong police。
  ● The police also have daily life even after receiving the alarm will be the first time rushed to the scene to help the public to solve the problem, but the police after work are ordinary people, their marriage the same problem occurs, adolescent children will bring all sorts of trouble , the family has to take care of the very old, maybe younger children have a heavy burden of parenting, in short, like ordinary fuel vinegar tea and majestic uniforms unrelated, but clearly every body needs to bear in uniform daily。   "Live" is not intended at the outset to shape the image of the hero of several tall, it is to give the audience to see deeper side of this career in bit by bit, the ordinary but never dig out the ordinary extraordinary professionalism。   Making names that Noh Hee-kyung, the other side than the romantic drama "live" a launch will be able to win the attention and successfully won a good premiere ratings, not primarily by virtue of any star actor, screenwriter but "Noh Hee-kyung" in the name。
To know the real top drama writers, their appeal even far beyond the big names, both because of the writers in the world's drama has a very high position, but also because there is a long time to accumulate the quality of the work become a trusted choice for viewers, it is Noh Hee-kyung such a star writer。
  Whether it is early starring Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo "They live in a world", or later SHK partner Jo In Sung's "That Winter", and later Jo In Sung and Kong Hyo Jin cooperation "Never mind, love, ah," which comes from Noh Hee-kyung the pen of popular Korean dramas are typical of the "powerful combination", known both for her work, but also to big-name actors who starred in popularity of these works to the next level。
However, other Korean names screenplay works compared Noh Hee-kyung's work has a distinctive personal mark is compared to other Korean dramas she found the subject of the entry point are very new, better able to tell stories from the micro level of humanity, especially from "Never mind, ah love" began, in order to focus on this theme of mental illness Korean crowd let her go from the original romantic style realism style。   To "my dear friends" come out, she boldly the story of a group of elderly people become the protagonists, to observe and performance by bit life in old age, urban audience to dig deep inside the softest place, in this appeal aging society care for the elderly, which makes Noh Hee-kyung's work has laid a further more inclined to humanistic care realism style。
This style is the same strain to play "live", the first is not to add to the aura of excessive police this career, to tell the story from the daily start a career to the audience, the audience slowly to explore this theme。
  Why comment to realism theme drama?  While most good at shooting drama is full of romantic love stories, but a few years realistic themes are increasingly popular, both with fantasy yet many well-known real outstanding cases out of the remake of "signal", or the growth of the workplace had a profound describe as a "non-students", or exposes the hidden people around pervasive anti-cult theme "Help me", Korean audiences have been unanimous praise, even with the formation of drama does best romantic theme the "Turn left, Turn right" theme of the two rival situation。
  The reason, one is Korean production strength in the growth itself, but also the Korean screenwriters are constantly maturing。 From the initial pattern of small love drama, family drama, and now involved in various types of theme realistic style of work, the difficulty is increasing production, because the drama itself requires no matter what the subject matter content must be entertaining and some entertainment sex, should capture the real theme to this effect, they have higher requirements for the production and the actors performances, so the success of such works often brings together the most outstanding Korean director and the most powerful actor acting they。
  On the other hand, audiences can also see the drama of the opera preferences changed。 From the initial large number of female viewers only want to see the fantastic love story in the drama, the audiences began to slowly expand, different gender different ages audience preferences for the type of theme and plot quality dramas are constantly expanding and optimization, eventually played a complementary role。
If there are still people that in addition to the tragic love triangle and there is no other choice operas drama or ten years ago, then the fear is deep misunderstanding of the drama on the。 Despite some inherent prejudices, drama emerged a year like "alive" this reality style works, it will make people impressive。   Author / Jupiter。

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