Things wisdom of boosting agriculture

  Thousands of miles away, open the phone will be able to know the growth of crops, it will automatically irrigate and fertilize finger。
These seemingly impossible high-tech now be achieved in Quanjiao。
  Mount Holyoke Dendrobium is known as the first immortality of the requirements for the growth environment and technology is extremely strict, artificial cultivation has been no substantive breakthrough。
Development, so Dendrobium large area farmed become a reality。
In 2011, animal husbandry, Dendrobium Longshan Industrial Park settled quanjiao。 Investors Qin Lang said: There are electronic sensors and video surveillance systems in greenhouses, timely collection of greenhouse air temperature, humidity and other data, intelligent systems through analysis of the data, analyzing, automatically send water, fertilizer, ventilation and other instructions, while abnormal data will also send alerts mobile phone, even though I am not base, but also to keep abreast of the growth of Dendrobium。
  Anhui Province as the first batch of agricultural demonstration counties of things, Quanjiao has built a comprehensive service platform of Things agriculture, agricultural center of things and aquaculture, animal husbandry, cultivation, planting seedlings, rice whole industry chain five major categories 14 demonstration applications, real-time monitoring, production alarm, remote control functions, integrally formed earth control system。   Long Hui walked into the dragon fruit base Quanjiao agricultural demonstration garden, I see the good dragon fruit growing in the greenhouse, between ridge neatly lined with a variety of monitoring devices and automatic sprinkler system, showing the shed on a variety of electronic display data。
Company official told the author, the workers just need to grow, land consolidation, fertilizer configuration and other preparatory work to do, basically subsequent growth phase is controlled by a computer, the workers re-enter the harvest time picking on it。
  Quanjiao cooperatives Mr. Wang Taiping crop in a watermelon breeding industry in China, due to a sudden rise in temperature in the greenhouse melon all burned, the loss of a few million。 Agricultural projects have heard things, he immediately complete sets of equipment installed application。 Wang Yip Wah clearly remember that day at noon, lunch break he was at home, the phone suddenly rang alarm sound, display the greenhouse temperature is high, he immediately clicked cool disposal procedures, point after he personally went to the shed to look and found all the cases have been handled automatically is completed, the greenhouse melon safe and sound。   According quanjiao agricultural sector, responsible person, by previous farming experience, often misjudge。
Agricultural applications of things, to be precise perception, precise operation, fine management, not only the liberation of the human, but also makes more scientific field management, yield and quality of agricultural products have been increased dramatically。

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