Kaohsiung in love change "Milk River" Department official denied that pollution incidents (Figure)

Kaohsiung, Taiwan found that people in love are presented milky color of milk。
Kaohsiung City Department of Environmental Protection Agency denied the 22 non-polluting incident, said calcium sulfate is a natural phenomenon。
Source: "Central News Agency" Kaohsiung EPA Environmental inspection chief Mazhen Yao said that the situation in love easily discolored when the seasons change every year, after years of water quality testing, the results in addition to low dissolved oxygen, pH and conductivity are normal, other water quality projects, such as heavy metals concentration near ambient reference value, even below detection limit。
  Because of love over ninety percent of pollution from sewage, Kaohsiung EPA Environmental inspection department for the study of river water into a milky white constituents, and entrusted "EPA" Environmental testing milky love the water component of the analysis, the identification of the result is due to the water sample excessive calcium ions and sulfate ions, calcium sulfate colloid is generated in the high temperature environment, and scattered light due to the opalescent color effect produced, resulting in a milky water。   Kaohsiung City Environmental Protection Bureau noted that the calcium sulfate (chemical formula as calcium sulfate) wide range of uses, ingredients are not harmful to the environment, water quality presents love milky color change is due to natural factors and environmental characteristics generated by the river in love, not for the pollution incident。

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