AIIB founding members of the General Assembly: Chinese investment accounted cited concern

25 marks the anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations in 2015, the riding this sweet east, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (hereinafter referred to as "sub-investment bank") founding members Wednesday (May 20) held in Singapore for three days the meeting, to five weeks (22 May) ended。The meeting will be co-chaired by Chinese Vice Finance Minister Shi Yaobin meeting with Treasury officials in Singapore plain discuss operational policy and the draft protocol charter Asian investment bank, will sign the charter at the end of June。  Right now, for Asian countries to show a positive attitude towards investment banks, including the European member states。Italian Consul General Pei Si Pan (Stefano BELTRAME) "First Financial Daily" correspondent, said: "Italy had and the World Bank [microblogging], the Asian Development Bank (known as 'ADB' under) has a lot of infrastructure experience of cooperation, is the sponsor。Asian investment banks and on 'along the way', there are a number of countries far away from China, be funded by Italy, technical support may be more convenient than China。"So far, the investment proportion States, voting rights, governance structure, the president and vice president settings and other issues yet to announce final。Previously, the reporter sent a letter to Luxembourg Consulate consult with the negotiations, it still represents a confidential discussion before the end of the preparatory meetings。  Exactly what the countries will be discussed in Singapore?  Investment ratio countries: China investment accounted cited concern about the "Asian investment bank has not yet officially running, so the key problem is that investment, and investment proportion States。"Singapore's DBS Bank (DBS) economist Ma Tieying (Tieying Ma) indicate。  According to foreign media reports, around in China led strive founded 2015 years AIIB, 57 intention of founding members have launched a final consultation plan will pay the proportion of China is set at about 30%, Asian investment bank authorized capital of US $ 100 billion。It reported that, according to this scheme, the proportion of investment in China will reach 30%, while India and Russia are expected to came in second and third place, but India is expected to be only about 10%。  In early May, according to the Press Trust of India reported, due to the allocation of voting rights of Asian investment bank may 50% based on the gross domestic product (GDP), 50% based on purchasing power parity (PPP), so India may get second-largest shareholder status, even He hopes to win the post of Deputy governor。  Currently, the Asian investment bank for the 57 founding members, across Asia, Oceania, Europe, Latin America, Africa and other continents。Official messages clearly, Asian investment bank's equity allocation will be gross domestic product (GDP), based on which the equity share of the Asian members could be between 70% to 75%, countries outside Asia allocated the remaining 25% to 30% equity。This means that China has become the largest shareholder of Asian investment bank basically a foregone conclusion。  The results of South Korea's Institute for Economic Policy after the show, if Asian countries accounted for 75% of the shares, and the shares allocated in accordance with the 60% of GDP and 40% PPP weights are calculated, then the largest shareholder of Asian investment bank should be China (30.85%), followed by India the following (10.4%), Indonesia (3.99%), Germany (3.96%) and South Korea (3.93%)。  Governance structure: no field or the Executive Board?  The preparatory meeting in Singapore is the fifth time, but due to the large number of founding members, the difficulty of trade-offs also will increase, and therefore governance, operational structure has always been the focus of previous seminars。  Bloomberg quoted informed sources said that the Asian investment bank is considering giving senior staff in the loan approval more power in order to speed up the decision-making process, and therefore may not be set up on the ground of the Executive Board (site of the Executive Council)。Previously, all walks of life have called for Asian investment bank should get rid of procrastination and bureaucracy established international multilateral institutions。  Recently, the former World Bank chief economist Justin Yifu Lin said in an interview in Singapore, the last multilateral institutions subject to many complaints, the board of directors to intervene in a large number of operators, so this will have room for improvement; but at the same time, he believes the board to some extent monitoring would be beneficial。  There are also media reports that Asian investment banks will follow the example of the ADB, as 12 people outside the Council will elect three people to the program currently discussions centered。  In addition, the informed sources, because there are 57 members of intent, so the Chinese side proposed to set "a president and ten Vice President," the executive mechanism scheme。Currently each preliminary consideration of establishing a regional center that is Asian investment bank branches in Asia and Europe。Therefore, how to allocate Vice President also questionable。  According to official sources, the governance structure AIIB mainly includes three layers: the Board, the Board of Directors and management。The Council is the highest authority of the Bank, and certain powers under the Articles of Association of Asian investment bank authorized the Board of Directors and Management。In the early running, AIIB set-resident board of directors meets regularly every year to make decisions on major policy。  What role-playing Japan and the US?  At present, G7 countries, only two countries have not yet Jia Ruya investment banks – Japan and the United States。  It is also in preparatory meetings held when the mouth, the Japanese media on Tuesday (May 19) reported that the Japanese government plans to invest $ 100 billion over the next five years for infrastructure development in Asian countries, led China to build scale equivalent to the Asian investment bank's authorized capital。In other words, it is not decided Jia Ruya investment bank of Japan has decided to "live on their own."。The report also said Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will announce the details in May 21。Japanese media said: "The vision aims to show Japan through human resource development and technology transfer in Asia, building high-quality infrastructure stance, the Japanese still maintain its leader position in the Asian financial nature of。"As to whether Japan has such a large-scale financing capability, Japanese media said Japan will extend yen loans through the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC)。In addition, the Japanese government is also considering by the ADB to broader participation in the Asian financial markets, Japan is the ADB's leader。  However, before ADB President Takehiko Nakao also publicly confirmed, we are willing to cooperate with Asian investment bank in the future of Asia's affairs, including the provision of loans for infrastructure and sharing of relevant information。  For the United States, the United States remains willing to cooperate with the attitude expressed。According to previous reports, "Wall Street Journal", the Obama administration proposed Asian investment bank to establish cooperative relations with the US-dominated World Bank and other financial institutions。  All along, China has always supported the United States and Japan to join an open mind, what was the attitude Japan and the US in the future will take the Asian investment bank, which provides technical support, all walks of life are also in the line and let me see。

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