Barclays: Bank of Japan will not do anything further easing next week or in July

FX168 hearing Barclays said in a report released today that the Japanese central bank [microblogging] may not have a strong incentive in this month surprised the market to ease monetary policy。  Fukunaga interest rate strategist at Barclays and the obvious bet straight Kubo also report that, in 1– March after central banks around the world took a series of unexpected easing action, the market remains wary。  It also pointed out, but the central banks take proactive action in response to falling oil prices and the European Central Bank quantitative easing action approach seems to have temporarily come to an end。  Barclays economists expect the Bank of Japan will wait until July and then relax monetary policy。  In addition, according to informed sources said, expected next week, the Bank of Japan kept monetary policy unchanged, but the central bank may be slightly lowered inflation forecast for the fiscal year。  Bank of Japan's April 30 meeting on interest rates will be announced semi-annual outlook report, sources said, the Bank of Japan is expected to slightly down core inflation forecast by the fiscal year 1.0%, which is subject to last year's economic downturn and the weakness in consumer spending。  However, sources said the policy committee may be two years inflation will reach approximately 2 percent after forecast, which suggests that the Japanese economy may need additional stimulus measures, will be able to reach 2% inflation target。  But policy decisions are likely to be inflation April 30 meeting of the median forecast of influence。  The source said, although the possibility is not high, but if the inflation forecast for the fiscal year cut the high magnitude of the accident, the extent of the damage or central bank officials believe inflation slowdown large enough to need to take preventive action, the central bank officials You may decide to relax the policy。  Anonymous sources said, for now, many policy makers believe that if the estimated price increases down, lowered rate will be very small, so that the Bank of Japan can withstand the pressure to relax。  Bank of Japan policy meeting this month will be the second held April 30, will provide the latest economic growth and inflation forecast。  Proofreading: Starry Mood

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