Brazil introduced a series of measures to stimulate credit

Xinhua Brasilia, August 20 (Reporter Liu Tong Yang Jiangling) to boost the economy, the Brazilian government introduced a series of 20-day credit stimulus measures, first the central bank [microblogging] decision to lower banks' reserve requirements to increase liquidity, after Ministry of Finance announced measures to simplify procedures for real estate transactions。  The same day, Brazil's central bank announced further reduce the amount of reserves commercial banks, thereby releasing capital of 2.5 billion reais (US $ 11.4 billion) for loans。Just last month, the central bank had just decreased the bank's reserves, thus increasing market liquidity by 450 million reais (US $ 20.5 billion)。  After a few hours, Finance Minister Mantega has announced that it will simplify the previous complex and cumbersome procedures for the real estate credit trading only one legal proceedings。He said the move is active in the domestic real estate transactions, while reducing transaction costs and encourage more customers to use credit access to housing。  Mantega also said the government would introduce more flexible policies to promote real estate financing, such as loans to buy new homes, existing available housing or deposit as collateral。  Analysts here believe that the series of measures aimed at stimulating the growing difficulties of the Brazilian economy。Brazil's central bank 15 released data show that the second quarter of this year, Brazil's economic activity index fell 1.2%, the worst performance in five years。At the same time, Brazil's financial markets have lowered growth expectations for 12 consecutive weeks。

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