Hawes 22 points and grab 76 human NOAA missed the Bulls match point 1-3 abyss of depression

  Ticker May 7, 76 people home to 89-82 victory over the Bulls, with a total score 3-1 lead, "black eight miracle" seems ready。
  Spencer – Spencer Hawes scored 22 points and eight rebounds, Zhu – Holliday 20 points, eight rebounds and six assists, Andre – Andre Iguodala 14 points and 12 rebounds, Elton – Brand 7 9 rebounds, Evan – Turner 3 only 12 shots, 9 points 6 rebounds。   Bulls general Joe King – Noah missed, replace him starting Amir – Asik had 1 points and six rebounds。
Carlos – Carlos Boozer scored 23 points and 11 rebounds, CJ- Watson 17 points, Luol – Deng 11 points, Richard – Hamilton 7 points。 Bench Taki – Gibson 14 points, 12 rebounds and four blocks。   In the last game of the regular season, 76 people frozen main, likely to become the seventh to give up the opportunity to choose in the first round to face the Bulls instead of the Heat。 76's "character" excellent, the Bulls have lost Derek – Rose and Joe King – Noah, the possibility of "black eight" surge。   Ross lost the first battle, the whole bathing season, NOAA and the third a badly sprained ankle, could not play today, the Bulls faced a season of effort may be in vain。
  Asik replace NOAA starter, but his performance was flat, so that 76 people do whatever they want Hawes center。
The first section of the middle, Hawes continuous succeeded, he first tipped score, then grabbed the offensive rebound dunks succeeded in his teammates, then steals Turner, after layup, and Hawes hit in the cast, who scored 76 8 points, to expand the advantage to 18-8。 Hawes section had 8 points for Houston, 76 to 24-15 lead。
  Turner is an important contributor to former 76ers twice to win, but today he is not in the state, the first section 5 vote total loss, scoreless in the second he was only three shots 1, and missed all three free throws。 Bulls seize the opportunity, fierce counterattack in the second quarter, this section there are 3 minutes and 12 seconds, Boozer layup, the Bulls will recover as the score 36-36。
Bulls once the go-ahead, but Hawes hit a three-pointers, 76 to end the first half 44-42。
  More than half of the third quarter, Watson hit three-pointers, leading the Bulls to 56-50。 Holliday also shot at close range with a ball, after which Turner hit two free throws, then he assists Iguodala, the latter two-thirds vote, 76 people to re-lead。 This section last 2 minutes after the Bulls had 2 points, three behind at 63-64。
  Seven minutes to play the fourth quarter, the Bulls only once in warfare score, but fortunately they are few free throws, not throw off 76 people, this section there are 4 minutes 38 seconds, Gibson finally hit the ball a second bull, chasing the score 73-74。 Holliday hit two consecutive three-pointers, 76 people hold our ground。   Bulls turn narrow the gap to 2 points, and even a chance to tie, but Boozer shot blocked shots。
After Holliday hit two free throws in the game more seconds, 76 to 84-80 lead。 Bulls also lost the crucial moment the ball, Andre Iguodala seconds before the whistle also hit two free throws, 76 extended the advantage to six points。
  Lol – Deng pointer with seconds to finally hit a ball, but not in the third Watson Since then, 76 people throws three balls, to seal the victory。   (Angkor)。

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