5 days 2 bursts of vicious cases overseas compatriot Spain will rally to protect their interests

meeting venue。
(Spain "Europe and China Daily") September 7 electric am local time on September 5, Spain overseas compatriot community leaders gathered in numerous clubs in Spain Overseas Chinese Association, to discuss strategy on security cases involving Chinese has recently occurred, and journey West overseas Chinese specific issues held large gatherings, how Chinese voice, express their demands and so on are discussed。
CDAC Center for Madrid, President of the Spanish Association of Overseas Chinese Mao Feng, Spain Qingtian Association president Ye Ni Min, president of the Spanish Association of Wenzhou Liu Jidong, nearly 30 overseas compatriot community leaders attended the meeting trip west。 Mao Feng presided over the meeting。
He said the security issue is particularly prominent for overseas Chinese, overseas compatriot has always been to all the Chinese security concerns as the main direction of the work, such as setting up a warehouse district security team in Madrid, Madrid CDAC center, overseas Chinese alliance USERA region, volunteers, etc.。 Recently, five days in a row malignant cases 2 cases involving Chinese occurrence of overseas Chinese tour the West need to make a sound, the maintenance of Chinese lives and property, most of the participants tend to organize community leaders to launch a large-scale rally。
Spain Wenzhou Association president Liu Jidong, said a variety of serious safety problems occurred recently, it was generally concerned about the issue。
He believes that a large-scale rally is necessary。
Rally against the government and not the police, but the security situation is too bad to be done。 Liu Jidong said that as the user A complex regional situation, in order to ensure a smooth assembly that selected the Plaza of Spain as a venue more appropriate, and he said that the matter related to the common interests of all the Chinese Overseas。 Spain Qingtian Association president Ye Ni Min said, security has been plagued by overseas Chinese, it is necessary to make a protest rally。
He carried out after the incident with the families of the victims and neighbors of communication, due to the current circumstances of the case rather vague, he had recommended a lawyer for the quarter, Yi Hung families of the victims follow-up legal services。
He said that if the rally, the first focus is to carefully select the slogans, second, on the site selection, he proposed Puerta del Sol can be used as a venue。
Due to the different qualitative two cases, one burglary murder, and the other is currently characterized as a traffic accident, so be careful to think in terms of rallying cry。
Dulin Fei, president of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce believes that overseas compatriot families of the victims and the need to communicate effectively, will be handed over to the police investigation, avoid publishing information detrimental to their own。
He suggested ways to choose a demonstration march, rally or sit-ins, and should be fully communicate with government departments。
Spanish Overseas Chinese Association Secretary-General Chen Shengli, said Spanish police detection rate higher, but for the safety of Chinese people has been more prominent, the main problems caused by this situation is the low cost of crime perpetrators Spanish, Chinese encountered security problems reported low, Spanish police believe that everyone is equal, not special protection of Chinese police will be countered by a report rate data。
He therefore suggested that demonstrations need to join local people in Spain, and to control demonstrations scene, to avoid a scene out of control, etc.。
Spain Wenzhou Association president Liu Jidong said, to express their demands in a clear way, for example, demanded stern punishment for the murderer, improve security conditions, ask the police to solve the case as soon as possible, and called for equality。 Let foreigners to identify with the slogan parade, with just the sound。 Beijing Association president Liu Jianxin suggested that it should communicate with the Gypsy community leaders, as well as in combination with other immigrant groups, to participate in the rally。 Chinese future and also all immigrant groups living together in Spain, need a joint approach to avoid the isolation of the Chinese community。
Mao Feng added that the Chinese people to participate in the rally as a local resident, the more necessary joint local Spanish people, let the Spanish people also involved。 President of the Spanish Association of Chinese Zhang Jianlong, said Chinese food store security issues for a long time。 He recalled the cases occurred in the past, the Chinese encountered any security problems are everyone's problems。 He made several suggestions, such as requiring the police to ensure the safety of Chinese lives and property; to submit a letter of protest to the government, putting pressure on the government; or the best lawyers, legal rights for the Chinese, must be provided for the families of the victims the best legal help with, make good use of legal means to solve the problem, otherwise the demonstrations will put pressure on society。
In addition, it should also allow more participation of immigrant groups, causing social importance。 Several community leaders at the meeting supported this proposal。 According to the Spanish "Europe and China" reported the evening of September 5, will be held a mourning ceremony at the San Fermín community for 3-year-old Chinese boy died of silence。 In this regard, President of the Association of cultural exchange of art Yanhong Ying said that the invitation to participate in rally local people after a trip to the West overseas Chinese organizations on the activities of silence。
Chinese Legal Aid Society, president of the Spanish summer song called each person in charge of overseas compatriot silence can participate in activities September 5 evening San Fermín community held, so the overseas Chinese friends to participate in an orderly, reasonable sound can not become a bad thing。
Fujian Association on behalf of Chen Enguan said that the current qualitative September 4 for the case of traffic accidents should be avoided rally out of control and other unexpected situations。 After meeting to discuss the preliminary decision, taking into account the condition of the ground, security, number of participants, the rally effect and other issues, overseas Chinese venue as Piazza di Spagna。 Due to the large number of participants expected, taking into account issues such as the application process rallies, meetings tentatively (Saturday), the specific time September 9 will notice the recent。 Meeting, the overseas compatriot also organized rallies, logistical support, security and other work carried out careful grouping。
Each overseas compatriot representatives said they would go all out to do related work, the maximum extent possible to ensure the successful holding of rallies。
Editor: Fan Fei, Xu snow。

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