Corporate bonds plunged Sicheng Fuguiniao Commission to initiate an investigation notice to close

  The announcement disclosed, rich bird on March 21, 2018 received the China Securities Regulatory Commission "investigation notice", pointed out that because the company suspected disclosure of information and the use of bonds to raise funds illegal, according to the relevant provisions of the "People's Republic of China", and The company decided to initiate an investigation, please be with。
  Announcement said the board attaches great importance to the investigation notice, and will strive to ensure that the company fully cooperate with the investigation of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, and in strict accordance with regulatory requirements to fulfill disclosure obligations。   The Board also will investigate the legal implications of the notice and appropriate follow-up steps to seek the views of Chinese lawyers。 The Board will provide an update in due course。
  According to the Shanghai Stock Exchange Bulletin 22, 14 Fuguiniao (122,356) Transaction abnormal fluctuations occur in the morning。
According to "Shanghai are trading rules" and the relevant provisions of the "Shanghai Stock Exchange Securities unusual transactions Real-time monitoring rules", and since at 10:51 on March 22, 2018 suspended from 14 Fuguiniao (122 356) trading, since 22 March 2018 14:00 55 points from the date of resumption of trading。
  In this regard, Fuguiniao 22 noon publishing a risk warning prompt notice of 14 Fuguiniao bonds。
Notice that, as of now, no company funds and interest on the exact arrangements bond funds to pay back the sale of significant uncertainties, please investors of investment risks。
  According Fuguiniao March 21 evening announcement, "14 Fuguiniao" puttable Filing Date March 23, March 26 to March 30 and April 2 to April 4, sold back to the redemption date April 23 after 2 years duration% coupon rate remained unchanged。
(New latitude and longitude A)。

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