Korea Chungnam former Governor Ahn Hee-jung again by appearing in court on sexual assault case hearing

  BEIJING, March 19, according to Yonhap news agency, local time on the 19th at 10 am, South Korea South Chungcheong Province Governor (provincial borough) before involving sexual assault Ahn Hee-jung arrived at the western Seoul, Seoul Mapo District Prosecutors accepted the prosecution investigation。
Ahn Hee-jung again deny the fact that sexual assault, which is to emphasize the relationship comes naturally occur, and to apologize to the family and the accused, the prosecution said it would accept the honest investigation, the judicial process in submission。
  3 19 morning, in the heart of Seoul's Mapo district in western Seoul District Prosecutors, Ahn Hee-jung appearing in court and apologized to the people to bow before receiving news。
(Source: Yonhap News) It is the Ahn Hee-jung after a lapse of 10 days to accept the prosecution's investigation again。 Ahn Hee-jung took the initiative appearing in court on the 9th, and accept up to nine and a half hours of investigation。
Since the prosecution was insufficient preparation, gathered together after new evidence and testimony, and new victims, so the prosecution that Ahn Hee-jung need for more in-depth investigation。   6th of this month, the prosecution received the victim, a complaint Chungnam Provincial Government of the former Chief Secretary of gold, and on the 14th and then received another complaint of the victim Jiamou。 According to the complaints, during the prosecution of a building in Seoul's Mapo district governor office of South Chungcheong Province government and official residence, Ahn Hee-jung involved in private homes and other places in search of evidence。   Some of these points had predicted, the prosecution may call at the weekend Ahn Hee-jung to investigate, but there are 14 new victims of sexual abuse came to light Ahn Hee-jung behavior, the prosecution summoned Ahn Hee-jung of time has been postponed。
  The victim suggested that Ahn Hee-jung had used his powers of their own sexual violence, such acts of using the powers of rape and sexual harassment category, and Ahn Hee-jung will advocate that the relationship comes naturally occurs, so prosecutors will be the focus of investigation Ahn Hee-jung whether the perpetrators had used his authority。

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