Chinese buyers in the United States after more than rebuilt rental New measures to be taken to stop

BEIJING, June 26 – According to the United States, "Qiao Bao" reported that more and more for the region will be one to two family house into flats or more single-family rental houses do irregularities, Bay Ridge area of Brooklyn, New York elected officials in recent days continued to rise in revolt, in New York state Senator Gordon Green and members of Congress sent a letter to the mayor Baisi Hao demanded an immediate hit after administration, city councilors Jiang Terry also said he is drafting a bill that is designed to help inspectors enter the building to determine whether the property in violation of the law。  Chinese buy back of the house, would a family or two family building converted into a multi-family rental unit or units to do, always thought it was a matter of course。But everyone knows, the Bay Ridge area of Brooklyn public and elected officials do not recognize this set of Chinese, measures taken against illegal acts one after another alteration zone。  A week ago, Senator Gordon Green and members of Congress sent a letter to the mayor Baisi Hao, requiring the city to take immediate measures to cope with and deal with the problem of illegal alterations in southern Brooklyn Bay Ridge, such as the spread of DaimlerChrysler Heights。According to two officials said the illegal alterations in these areas have to be sounding the "alarm" moments, because some people in the region or builders trying to shift the two buildings originally built for the family to change building 30-40 individuals live, it brings security threats can be imagined。  In order to curb this illegal alterations shares trend, Jiang Terry Alderman has also joined the strike, and is drafting a bill。It is reported that, in confirming whether a building has been made illegal alterations when the bill would allow the City Building Office indirect evidence (circumstantial evidence), which indirectly proves a lot of construction and installation, including a doorbell, set up a mailbox and excessive trash, and excessive electricity and gas and other municipal buildings and other facilities access and virtue could summon the owner of the building。Of course, these indirect collection of evidence and the burden of proof is on the city building inspectors office to implement the inability to enter when suspected illegal alterations may be made of the building。  In accordance with current law, when DOB inspectors trying to access the building suspected of violating the law of New York buildings, inspectors always face obstacles。New York City residents are generally found in the illegal alteration of buildings in the community, always call 311 to make a complaint。After receiving complaints, DOB inspectors will try to investigate, but rejected outside inspectors often face difficulties。If Jiang Terry's new law is passed, then solve the problem inspectors can not enter the building to do the investigation and evidence collection。  In this regard, Jiang Terry Alderman said that on the issue of illegal alteration processing community concerns, public safety is always his first priority。Therefore, he and his office staff will strengthen the City Fire Department, as well as the mayor's office building cross-sector institutions – Cooperation Home Inspection Special Operations Group (Housing Access Task Force), and to combat the risk of unauthorized alteration。In addition, 10 community councils Bay Ridge area is also strengthening cooperation with local residents to seek ways to prevent illegal violations will be converted into a multi-unit family housing in the Bay Ridge area is being spread。

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