Corn common hazards of these cases can not be ignored

What are the dangers of common corn this is certainly no stranger to everyone, and it often appears in the soles of the feet, many people may think this does nothing, but in fact is a lot of harm corns。
Xiao Bian below to tell us something about the common corns What are the dangers, these should not be ignored Oh!First, the corn can not be ignored here comes the emergence of a foot hole, refers to the corn, and corn is often the case in life, we will find that some people's feet, corns often occur。
Clinically, this is interpreted corns, corns feet long been partially squeezed, external force such as friction, due to the limitations of a conical keratin hyperplasia, someone will referred to as "burns."。
People this case, the person is likely to occur in prolonged standing or walking working time, long distance traveling body。 Meanwhile, the foot friction, can also lead to compression of corns。 Second, corns harm know the reason of the formation of corns, corns and who is likely to occur, then look, What are the dangers of corns 1, easily lead to foot corns is a skin disease, proliferative skin keratinocytes case belongs, for the people with diabetes, with corn, must be very cautious, and often have to be treated with caution。
Common harm diabetic patients corns can be more than just a disease associated with diabetes this simple, often will be accompanied by a common complication of skin disease, neuropathy。 For the skin, in the case of high blood sugar, it is likely to cause difficult to heal broken skin。
Diabetic patient's skin even if only a small wound, often also cause skin ulceration, infection。 Another caveat case of diabetes, it is found that the feet appear corns, but there is no timely treatment, coupled with wound healing, which is more likely to cause foot ulcers occur, and even the formation of necrosis, need to be amputated to save their lives not exaggerated things。 If diabetics prick corns were random, it will result in a partial foot infection, caused by the emergence of diabetic foot, which requires everyone to pay more attention。

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