"I drew a circle," How much potential male security?Look at Shenzhen and Pudong

80 years, Shenzhen has become the country's reform and opening sample; 90 years, Pudong has become the forefront of the rapid economic development。The two were "painted circle," the region has become a business card China's economic development。Today, the "ready to go", a new area after Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, Shanghai Pudong New Area, another national significance。  Potential Xiao Bian take you a Glance Shenzhen and Pudong, look at this "circle" of how much!  Shenzhen Special Economic Zone of Shenzhen in Guangdong Province, Shenzhen style Chinese cities, national sub-provincial municipalities; the only mainland city bordering Hong Kong, is an important channel in Hong Kong and the Mainland。  Shenzhen city area of 1991.64 square kilometers, under the jurisdiction of six administrative regions and four District: Futian, Luohu, Nanshan District, Yantian District, Bao'an District, Longgang District, Guangming New District, Greeting, Longhua District, Dapeng New District。  Since July 1, 2010, the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone extends to the city。  Shenzhen is a city of immigrants。Shenzhen resident population in mid-2015 1137.89 people, household population of only 354.99 million people。According to "Thirteen Five" plan, by 2020 the resident population of Shenzhen Development Goals will reach 1480 million。  Urban development orientation "Development and Reform Planning for Pearl River Delta region," the Chinese government issued the Shenzhen positioned to build a "national comprehensive reform pilot area", "National economic center of the city", "national innovation-oriented city," "socialism with Chinese characteristics demonstration city 'and' international city '。  Achievements economies of scale to preliminary accounts 2016 Gross Domestic Product 19492.600 million yuan, an increase of 9%; 4078.200 million yuan, the growth rate of 23.6%, the highest 22-year high; 5512.800 million yuan, an increase of 8.1%。  Financial data in 2016, Shenzhen general public budget revenue 790.1 billion yuan, to achieve the 2015 growth in the number 9.1%。  Economic and trade relations According to customs statistics, Shenzhen total 26307.0.1 billion yuan, down 4.4%, compared with last year narrowed 3.8 percent, export volumes for 24 consecutive years, ranking first in China mainland cities。  High-tech 2016, total R & D investment over 80 billion yuan, accounting for the proportion to increase 4.1%。New state-level high-tech enterprises 2513, more than three times last year increments, totaled 8037。  Shenzhen-Hong Kong Innovation Circle under the "one country two systems" principle, Shenzhen and Hong Kong as the core, through the complementary advantages, gathering integrate innovation resources together to build innovation cluster system with international competitiveness, its development goal is to become a regional innovation center of the world。In 2007, Shenzhen and Hong Kong jointly set up a joint funding scheme "Shenzhen-Hong Kong Innovation Circle" scientific and technological cooperation。  Shenzhen Events in March 1979 the State Council approved, agreed to Baoan County, Shenzhen City, is set to change。  1980 Annual National People's Congress promulgated the "Regulations Special Economic Zone in Guangdong Province", the formal establishment of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone。  In 1981, Shenzhen was upgraded to deputy provincial。  In 1988 the State Council approved the implementation of a separate Shenzhen in national programs, and give it the equivalent of provincial level economic management authority。  In mid-1992 power granted to the NPC Standing Committee of Shenzhen People's Congress and its Standing Committee, the municipal government to develop local laws and regulations。  He said Comrade Deng Xiaoping is the founder of Special Economic Zones key decision makers。As early as mid-April 1979, he was listening to the main report of the CPC Guangdong Provincial Committee person in charge, he said: you can set aside a place called SAR。Well, DC is Shanganning。Central had no money, want you to engage yourself, blaze a "trail"。  This is Deng Xiaoping's famous three sentences, DC。  January 26, 1984, Deng Xiaoping south of Guangdong, he enthusiastically wrote an inscription for the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, "Shenzhen's development and experience prove that, we have established special economic zones policy is correct。"He said:" The SAR is a window, the window is technology, window, window management knowledge, but also foreign policy window。"Deng also proposed, in addition to DC, we might consider opening more port cities, do not call DC, but some of the policies can be implemented, DC。In May, the central government decided to further open Dalian, Tianjin, Shanghai, Ningbo and other 14 coastal port cities。  In the early 1990s, Deng Xiaoping and promote the establishment of the Pudong New Area, published southern tour speech, so far, the SAR as a sign of China's opening up, finally able to firmly establish。  Centrally located in Pudong Glance China and the Yangtze River open coastal belt of the intersection。An area of 1210 square kilometers in 2014 resident population of 547.49 million people。  April 18, 1990, Chinese Premier Li Peng when he was announced: the Chinese government decided to develop Pudong open。  October 11, 1992, the State Council (China letter [1992] No. 145) approved: the establishment of Shanghai Pudong New Area, the revocation Chuansha County。  July 2016, with the establishment of Chongming District, Pudong New Area in Shanghai to become the second largest administrative region。  Development orientation of scientific development in the first district, "four centers" (international economic center, an international financial center, center, an international shipping center) of the core area, pilot area of comprehensive reform, open and harmonious ecological zones。  Development 1990 Nian March 28 to April 7, when he was Vice Premier Yao Yilin of led, Pudong conduct special investigations, and the rapid formation "outline report on the development of Shanghai Pudong some problems"。  April 18 only 11 days later, when he was Premier Li Peng that the commissioning ceremony of the Shanghai Volkswagen announced: the Chinese government decided to develop Pudong open。  Subsequently, the Shanghai municipal government according to the central strategic plan, formulated the "development of Pudong, the revitalization of Shanghai, serving the whole country, the world" development policy。  October 11, 1992, the State Council (China letter [1992] No. 145) approved: the establishment of Shanghai Pudong New Area, the revocation of Chuansha County, Pudong New Area administrative regions including original Chuansha County, Shanghai Sanlin Township County, Huangpu District, City District, Yangpu District in Pudong。  In 2005, the State Council officially approved the Pudong comprehensive reform pilot countries, the municipal government made clear functional positioning, "a role in three areas" (in establishing and implementing the scientific concept of development, building a socialist harmonious society, the implementation of construction of "four national strategy centers "play a leading role model, and strive to become a pilot area of reform and opening up and independent innovation demonstration zone to lead, the core of modern service industry gathering area), marking the Pudong reform and opening up has entered a new stage。  May 2009, the State Council approved Shanghai, "to consult on the withdrawal of Nanhui district formed the original administrative region included in Nanhui District of Pudong New Area," agreed to withdraw Nanhui District of Shanghai, its administrative regions into Shanghai Pudong New Area。  January 29, 2013, named the Ministry of Housing announced the first national smart city pilot list。  Economic overview (2015 data) 2015 GDP growth of 9 to Pudong New Area last year.1% over the past five years, average annual growth of 9.8%。The tertiary industry accounted for 72%, compared with 2010 increased by nearly 16 percentage points。  Financial Development in 2015 new types of financial institutions over 3000, securities and futures market turnover increase over last year more than doubled。  2015 actual foreign investment of $ 6.4 billion, an increase of 44 over the previous year.3%。  Policy makers said in early 1991, Deng Xiaoping visited Shanghai, said: "pay close attention to the development of Pudong, do not waver, until completed。"He suggested that as long as trustworthy, act in accordance with international practice, people will first of all funds invested in Shanghai, it is up to the competition this competition。He also stressed: "reform and opening up our party but also about decades。"30 years of reform and opening up, China has become the world's second largest economy。Deng Xiaoping's Pudong "prophecy" has been a considerable part into reality。

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