90-year-old eldest son Victor Li Ka-shing today officially retired shift one hundred billion dollars trading empire

According to Radio Television Hong Kong news, the long and the Department Chairman Li Ka-shing and after a long day and Cheung Kong shareholders' meeting, will be officially retired, transferred to the Group Senior Consultant。90-year-old "Superman" Li Ka-shing after retirement, he reached the scale of billions of dollars business empire to pass the torch eldest son Victor Li。  Radio Television Hong Kong reported that Li Ka-shing accepted by telephone this morning at the media access waiting outside the mansion, said to feel happy that he was twelve years old to work, it has been for decades, there is no difference with the usual mood today。  "Watching him work for decades no confidence is false", talking about the upcoming took over the presidency of the eldest son Victor Li, Li Ka-shing expressed confidence。  March 16 this year, entered a 90-year-old "Superman" Li Ka-shing officially announced the upcoming retirement in May of this year, which means 54-year-old Victor Li has finally embarked on the most central and long lines stage。  According to "Forbes" magazine published January 18 this year, Hong Kong rich list, Li Ka-shing to $ 36 billion (about 220 billion yuan) of total net assets, 20-bit consecutive year, Hong Kong's richest man。Its net assets as compared to $ 30.3 billion in mid-2017 by 18.81%。  Today, Li Ka-shing's long lines and has operations throughout the world, including real estate, ports, telecommunications, hotels, retail, energy, infrastructure, etc.。Cheung Kong Group with operations in more than 50 countries and employs more than 320,000 people。  Li Ka-shing investment experience and family history 1928 Li Ka-shing was born in Chaozhou, Guangdong, at the age of 12 to escape the war, fled with his family to Hong Kong。  22 year old Li Ka-shing in 1950 founded the "Yangtze River Industrial Co., Ltd.", initially engaged in plastic products。  1957 Annual Yangtze River Plastic Factory to become the world's largest manufacturer of plastic flowers, Li Ka-shing therefore known as the "king of plastic flowers."。  In mid-1958 began formal involvement of the real estate market。  Hong Kong land prices plummeted in mid-1967, Li Ka-shing to purchase a large number of low-cost land bank。  In mid-1972, "Cheung Kong (Holdings) Limited" listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Main Board。  In mid-1973, "Cheung Kong" The acquisition PARKnSHOP。  In mid-1977, "Cheung Kong" Hong Kong Hilton hotel and shopping center acquisitions, followed by re-development of Cheung Kong Center。  Li Ka-shing in mid-1979, "Cheung Kong" The acquisition of British-owned firm Hutchison Whampoa。  In mid-1980 and Hutchison Whampoa Dock merge its real estate business and management resources, and the establishment of Hutchison Whampoa Property Group。  1983 "and yellow" to start a mobile phone business in Hong Kong。  1985 "and yellow" The acquisition of Power Assets Holdings Limited in Hong Kong。  1987 "and yellow" The acquisition of 43% interest in Husky Oil in Canada, began to expand their business overseas。  In mid-1996 "and yellow" integration of Hong Kong's mobile telephone, paging and fixed-line services Marketing and operational resources, announced the establishment of Hutchison Telecommunications Ltd.。  In 1997, "Cheung Kong" large-scale restructuring, after restructuring "Cheung Kong" held "and yellow" equity increased to 48.95%; "and yellow" held by Cheung Kong Infrastructure 'equity increased to 84.58%; "and yellow" to "the HEC" 35.01% equity transferred to Cheung Kong Infrastructure。  Year after year, "Cheung Kong" Hong Kong investment in 1998 landmark building "The Center" inaugurated。  Group headquarters building in mid-1999, "Cheung Kong Center" in the heart of Central, Hong Kong lots completed, the building became the top floor of 70-storey exclusive office floors Li Ka-shing。  In mid-2004 with a total construction area of 760,000 square meters of the Beijing Oriental Plaza was completed, including shopping centers, office buildings, serviced residential buildings, hotels。Since then, Li Ka-shing began to diversify investment direction, and tentacles extending to the mainland European markets have been。  2010, Li Ka-shing personal assets of $ 12.6 billion, twice on the world's top ten rich list。  2015 and mid-2015 was known as the long line of "big reorganization Century"。Cheung Kong and Hutchison Whampoa Group and the Group completed the reorganization, the merger of the two groups of business。Hutchison Whampoa delisting, into the Yangtze River Industrial Co., Ltd. and Hutchison。Formally by the long and real estate spin-off of the long, took over all the real estate business, Cheung Kong and Hutchison Whampoa。This means that Li Ka-shing's real estate giant officially set sail。  2018 and older announced that the 90-year-old Li Ka-shing stepped down with immediate effect as chairman, taking over the eldest son Victor Li。  Li Ka-shing exactly how much money?  According to Forbes global ranking of billionaires, Li Ka-shing ranked 23 in 2018, net assets of $ 34.9 billion, while in 2017 it ranked 19, net worth of $ 31.2 billion。In 2007, he ranked No. 9 Li Ka-shing, net worth of $ 23 billion。  Anyone who can see, and this data can be very accurately reflect the Li Ka-shing's assets。Li Ka-shing has publicly stated before, now do not care about the status of the richest man。  For example, in October 2017, Li Ka-shing sold in Central, Hong Kong Center, there HK $ 40.2 billion。This is only 75% of the interest in the building it。That same year, the mainland's richest man, Wang Jianlin once packed with dozens of hotels, dozens of Wanda city, sold more than 600 million price Sunhongbin。  Li Ka-shing in the end how much money?The most clear understanding of Li Ka-shing family property is the separation in 2012, for the first time in more detail been excavated。Li Ka-shing currently control 22 listed companies, including Cheung Kong, Hutchison Whampoa, Cheung Kong Infrastructure, energy industry, only these four flagship companies market value has nearly 8,000 million。  In addition Li Ka-shing also owns Hutchison Telecom Hong Kong, Hui Xian industry, HHR, Fortune Real Estate, TOM Group 18 listed companies。The company's total market capitalization of these add up to more than 5% of the total market capitalization of all companies of the Hong Kong stock market。  In the cash component, Li Ka-shing cash on hand exactly how many, no one can see。But from the separation in 2012, when the program is Victor Li has all the rights and interests of the Trust Fund, the Trust Fund have all 22 listed shares, worth more than 100 billion dollars。Richard inherited the cash portion, assuming that this part of the property even if unequal, it is not a large gap between the cash portion is at least tens of billions of level。  In addition, in recent years, Li Ka-shing to the mainland land and property transfers, mainly into the European market, has reached 390 billion yuan statistics, control of British Energy, the mobile communications industry and so on base, including three ports, three stores, a mobile operator, a Railway Group, a regional power grid companies, two regional gas companies, a water company。Li Ka-shing Group currently has 39% of revenues are from Europe。  From the above data, only estimates, Li Ka-shing has assets of more than HK $ 1 trillion, and compare, in 2017 in Hong Kong only 2.HK $ 6 trillion, "Li City," were not true。  Cheung Kong Group holds more than 5,000-fold return on today's press conference, Li Ka-shing said that if the purchase of the Yangtze River in 1972, today's return is 1,500 times, if coupled with dividend received in return more than 5,000 times, the world is not a lot of companies 5000 times return。  Li Ka-shing said the Yangtze River, Yangtze River and is the record industry, the company is now one of the largest Stock Exchange main board listed company in Hong Kong, time to market in November 1972, the Group operates five core businesses, namely, ports and related services, retail, infrastructure, energy and telecommunications。As of the end of December 2016, turnover of approximately HK $ 373 billion。  Currently, there are long and the Department's four major companies – and long (HK: 00001), Cheung Kong Group (HK: 01113), Cheung Kong Infrastructure (HK: 01038) and Power Assets Holdings (HK: 00006)。According to the latest companies to disclose financial results, long and full year net profit of HK $ 35.1 billion, Cheung Kong Group's full-year net profit of 301.HK $ 2.5 billion, net profit of 102 Cheung Kong Infrastructure.HK $ 5.6 billion, net profit for the 83 Power Assets.HK $ 1.9 billion。  Li Ka-shing years of buying and selling from the beginning of 2011, Li Ka-shing opened a "sell sell sell" mode in Hong Kong and the Mainland。According to public information statistics show that, at least Lee Superman sold in Hong Kong and the Mainland to HK $ 250 billion of assets。  But the other side, Li Ka-shing was opened in overseas "buy buy buy" mode。According to statistics, Li Ka-shing these funds for overseas investment in recent years has exceeded HK $ 260 billion。  Li Ka-shing success Quotations 1, 17 years old I began to do some wholesale salesman, the more experience to make money is not easy, the hardships of life。People do eight hours, I'll do 16 hours。  2, our society without a college degree, starting from scratch and eventually Yields countless people, one of the outstanding group of entrepreneurs is compelling。Through their activities to contribute to society, the community also return them to high honor and wealth。  3, shrewd business sense business can penetrate into everything in life go, even a show of hands every move she makes。Full of commercial cells businessmen, making money can be everywhere at all times。  4, I can always be fully prepared before they do。All along, doing business deal with things is true。For example, the Hong Kong Observatory said the weather was fine, but I often ask myself, such as five minutes later announced that there are typhoons, how I would do business in Hong Kong and to maintain this kind of psychological preparation。  5, shrewd businessman keen sense of smell can only play the role of the business intelligence to the extreme, feeling sluggish, behind closed doors since the lock company bosses often do nothing。  6, I never stopped reading books of new technology, new knowledge, new messages are not due to ignorance and to the trend of the times and out of touch。  As shown in Figure 7, even if the power of a hundred would have been enough to succeed, but I want to accumulate enough strength to attack two hundred, rather than just go and take a risk。  8, the expansion did not forget to be cautious, cautious not forget expansion。……I was supposed to strike a balance and steady progress in。The ship line faster, but we must survive on the face of storms。  9, good times do not see too good, the bad times do not see too bad。The most important is to have the foresight to Banded approach is short-sighted behavior。  10, no longer have the slightest hesitation, both the glass slide competition, it is battle of wits。If even not have the courage to talk about what the mall a foothold beyond the Land?  11, sincere people, doing things is responsible for "many friends and more" natural and more people get help。Indifferent Ming, adaptable, without unnatural, mood Aetna, will suffer much less frustrated。  12, in times of adversity, you have to ask yourself if you have enough conditions。When my own times of adversity, I think I have had enough!Because my hard work, thrift, perseverance, I am willing to seek knowledge and is willing to establish a reputation。  13, doing business must play with the same, if the first bar playing well, then, when the second shot, the heart but also to stay calm and have a plan that does not mean this will lose。It is like the same as doing business, high and low, when adversity, you have to calm considering how to deal with。  14, I surface humble, in fact, very proud, others maintain the status quo every day, and their old thinking has been to climb, so when I do business, to remind myself, if I continue this proud heart, sooner or later will run into a wall of。  15, when the business to the next level, there must not be greedy, not greed。  16, any kind of industry, if the swarm trend, over-development, it will cause devastation。  17, keep an eye out around whether the business to do, will seize the opportunity。Begin sooner the better。Think of money encountered an unusual thing to happen immediately, which is a businessman should have the quality。  18, the shortage of talent to the founding and strengthen the country, but also believers into virtual willing。On the other hand, resource-poor country, if the people of talent, good income and reduce expenditure, the self can be overcome various difficulties, the country's booming potential。Historically, resource-poor country does not necessarily weak, for the proof。  19, if today, if not so many people work for me, even if I have superhuman powers, there is no way to deal with so many things, so a successful career is the key to someone who can help you, willing to work with you, this is my philosophy。  20, you do not always mention me, what am I Superman, is the result of concerted efforts。I have around 300 tiger, of which 100 were foreigners, 200 people are in the prime of life in Hong Kong。  21, named Yangtze River Yangtze River is not based on the truth of small streams, because you have such open-minded mind, then you can accommodate small streams?No small tributaries, how can into the Yangtze River?  22, in my mind, ignore you is what kind of color, ignoring you what kind of nationality, as long as you contribute to the company, loyal, willing to work, a sense of belonging, that is a long-term plan, I will help him slowly after a period of time to become the core of the molecule, this is my company has always been the policy。  23, a commander in chief, is a group army commander, picked up the machine gun is never better than organs gunmen went to the artillery team operating the cannon is not as artillery。But as commander in chief of the Army do not control them, know how to use the strategy as long as they can, so the entire organization is very important。  24, human resources inexhaustible。You were good, people hello is natural for anyone in the world can be your central figure。  25, Personnel, most people will have some strengths and some weaknesses part, whatever, all they need to use of talents as the principle。  26, it is no exaggeration to say that a big business like a family, every employee is part of the family。Relying on their enormous contribution to the whole family, whichever they really should, with only the contrary, the staff feed the whole company, the company should thank them for all。  27, not a handout of people, where there。You do not hurt other people's dignity, dignity is very fragile, can not afford any injuries。  28, in my business, staff turnover and the turnover rate is very low, and never appeared strikes。The main thing is the staff a sense of belonging, of one mind。  29, the money we earn, profit share, so that only people willing to cooperate。If you take a 10% stake is fair, you can also get 11%, but if you just take a 9% stake, will come rolling in money。  30, I always say a word, and relatives is not necessarily cronies。A person you get along with him, as time goes by, you think he's thinking like you are positive, then you should be able to trust him; you to each of his important work, he will do, this person you can do your cronies。  31, people go to seek business more difficult, business came to find you, you are likely to do, how can it make business come to you?They would have to friends *。How to make friends?It would have to be kind to others, taking fully into account each other's interests。  32, thinking outside of the money to retain a little himself worthy of pride of place, people live more meaningful。  33, in the past I'm ninety-nine percent is to teach children to do the truth, now sometimes talk business with them……But about one-third of business meetings, two-thirds to teach them the truth in life。Because the world situation is the major problem。  34, of course, to guard against the bad guys, but the bad guys are in the minority, people can not unworthy, not in order to guard against even a handful of bad guys friends shut out。More importantly, in order to guard against suspicion of bad guys, calculating others, is bound to become a loner ,, neither friends, and have lost career partner, you can only drop a failure in the end。  35, who privately advised us that we were the wrong people, is a friend indeed。  36, business cooperation must have three premises: First, both sides must have the interests of cooperation can be, and second, there must be a willingness to cooperate, third parties must have the intention of shared prosperity。This three are indispensable。  37, unrighteous rich and expensive, to me as a floating。Is my money, a dollar fall to the ground I will pick up。Not me, ten million dollars to my door I will not be。I earn every dime can be open, that is, not earned money do not understand。  38, I think, take into account each other's interests are the most important, not to look confined in their own benefit, the two are complementary, himself willing to let, let the other side benefit, ultimately will bring their own large interest。Zhanxiaopianyi not have friends, this is when I was little my mother told me the truth, doing business as well。  39. Once a person lose the trust of people first, others next time no longer willing to associate with him or the occurrence of the trade。Others may prefer to look for credit * of people do not want to find him, because of his bad faith may give birth to a lot of trouble。  40, if you get the confidence of others, you must make a commitment, then once promised, they have to be responsible in the end, even if there are difficulties in the way, we must stick to the promise。  41, I am most happy life, that I promised to help people do things that he not only completed, but better than they requested, when completed these CIGNA, the kind of excitement is indescribable…… 42, the world situation is learning。Everyone in the world are smart, to convince and to make us love is not easy?  43, focus on their reputation, hard work, with people, keep their promises, so very helpful to your cause。  44, disloyal, good friend。Over the years, almost to this day, people of any country, Chinese people of any province, to do with my partner, after cooperation have become good friends, never one thing uttered not happy, this is my lead that wing thing。  45, my personal life for nothing, room and board are very simple, God gave me a gift, I did not want to multi-property luxury。If this life can do more than point-to-human, ethnic, national long-term stability good things, I was never tired of。  46, keep a low profile to avoid tree attracts the wind, in order to avoid becoming the target of others offensive。If you're just minutes show themselves, they will not provoke hostility of others, others will not be able to capture your actual situation。  47, if money alone to count, I was in Hong Kong, sixth, seven also not on the schedule, I say this based on facts。But I think that rich people to see how he did。Now as I approach my own heart to feel rich, that's for sure。  48, a man the most important thing is people really like you, I admire you, not your money, nor the people listen to you on the surface。  49, never agree to in order to succeed, by whatever means, mean to get married, the rationale no longer enjoy。  50, a mission entrepreneurs should strive to adhere to a right path, so I believe we will be able to get different levels of achievement。  51, to become a successful leader, not only to work, but also to listen to the views of others, to have patience, put forward their views before, but also to consider the views of others, most importantly, create new ideas……As a leader, the first most important is "the responsibility is to strict, treat people with wide"; second。To make others willing to work for themselves, and a sense of belonging。Institutions must rely on large organizations, twenty or thirty people in business, leaders at the forefront of it the most successful。When the first person to scale to hundreds of people, the leaders still going to participate in the work, but not necessarily to walk in front of。* Organize to have a bowel movement, otherwise, they will sooner or later hit the board, so many examples, one hundred years of banks once they collapse。  52, not before the attack must first observe certain, it must be done before the implementation of every policy of this。When I started to attack, I want to make sure that there are more than 100% of capacity。In other words, even if the power of a hundred would have been enough to succeed, but I want to accumulate enough power two hundred before going to attack, rather than just go and take a risk。  53, with its end clean up the mess, and even made the business losing money, it is better then some of the sensible restraint。  54, in their eyes fixed only small pockets of small business, look on the world market is big businessmen。Also a businessman, different eyes, different state, different results。  55, living in a rapidly changing society, should seek innovation, strengthen its capacity to be prepared, no matter how well you develop, always have to be ready。  56, the Chinese industry, courage, perseverance, although there have been humiliated beaten on the history of the past, but now take the right path is bound to have a bright future。Regardless of which nation and people, all love their country…… 57, upward mobility, although hard, but also full of opportunities。We do anything, we should have some ambition, and set a lofty goal, motivational their own careers with enthusiasm。  58, people who wish to first, second, there must be knowledge, have a third constant, interested resigned to the downstream breaking。  59, knowledge is not only refers to the content of textbooks, also includes an integral element of social experience, civilization and culture, the spirit of the times and so on, to be competitive, knowledge is the capital of a new era, the fifties and sixties * industrious people can succeed; to Hong Kong today grab knowledge, knowledge to win。  60, people praise me Superman, in fact, I was not born good managers。Now I can only say business was also, I experienced a lot of frustration and suffering, only grasp the tips of some operators。  61, in today's competitive world, you pay a little more, you can win a little more。Like the Olympic Games, as if running short game, although the first run of the win, but better than the second, third only to win a little, just a little faster, is to win。  62, when you make a decision, they have to go wholeheartedly towards the goal, often remember reputation is your greatest asset, and today we have to build up。  63, seeking success in business, there is no absolute formula, but if we can rely on certain principles, then, can raise a lot of hope of success。  64, life is suffering, is the best workout of my life, especially as a salesman, so I learned a lot of things, I see a lot of common sense。So these are my days 1 billion 10 billion can not buy。  65, I think that hard work is the element of personal success, the so-called "No pain, no gain", a person get rewards and achievements, and his efforts have a great relationship is。Luck is just a small factor, the cause of individual effort is to create the most basic conditions。  66, the process of entrepreneurship, in fact, persistence and perseverance unremittingly development process, in which there is nothing secret, but to really old Chinese adage of diligence and frugality is not so easy。Moreover, starting from the beginning, but also continue to learn, to seize the opportunity。  67, after watching the story of Su, know what hurt for no reason。Su no ambition, but is giving framed, his brother was right: "My brother in the famous wrong, wrong in a high-profile。"This is really very frustrating mistakes。  68, a young man I surface humble, in fact, very proud of my heart。Why are proud of it?Because when my colleagues to play, I go to seek knowledge; they maintain the status quo every day, and their knowledge rising。  69, I was long from the sand tree trees out of the rain, you can try to go to the mountains, the trees grow out of the sand, how much effort is to unplug ah!But the trees grow out of the crevice, even more full of vitality。  70, the world of technology as deep as the sea, as Zeng said, must "have wisdom, insight," When you know a skill, and proud of, the more they know deep as the sea, but I do not yet reached as deep as the sea realm, I only know that people go fast us a few years, we are only now starting to recover, there is a lot to learn。  71, regardless of the industry, the more you struggle, the greater the likelihood of failure, but you have knowledge, no funds, then, we will be able to pay a small return, and is likely to achieve success。  72, formerly doing business as long as some tricks, agility quickly to be successful; but now entrepreneurs, but also must have a wealth of knowledge assets, for domestic and international geography, customs, human, market research, accounting, statistics and so very not familiar with。  73, a man with experience already concluded that the best course, but much more time to waste, If you can book knowledge and practical work together, it is the best。  74, the next century entrepreneur and I will be completely different, because of the success of the new century entrepreneur depends on technology and knowledge, rather than money。  75, as parents, children in middle twenties away from home, away from their loved ones, to go outside alone post-graduate study, of course, is a bit too harsh, but for their future, that we do not have the heart to heart。  76, if in the competition, you lose, you lose at the time; on the contrary, you win, also won at the time。  77, not every thing, is that money can be solved, but there are indeed many things that need money to solve the world。  78, my money from the community, but also for society should, I no longer need more money, I make money not only for oneself。For the company, to the shareholders, and to do more for social welfare undertakings, the extra money given to those who have a disability and poverty。  79, if indeed failed, do not hate, and slowly the opportunity to attempt a comeback, as long as we breathe, still the capital for a final battle。  80, a person in addition to money to meet their own sense of achievement, is to make their lives a little better, if people would just make money, and lose his own health, it is well worth it。  81, it is important to put things。Are you interested in your career, your work will be done well。  82, time to give themselves out as far as possible good rest。Only get a good rest, we will have plenty of vigorous energy to face all kinds of unexpected things happen。  83, what brand clothes and shoes, I do not pay attention to how。A suit to wear eight or ten years is a very common thing。I have five pairs of ten pairs of shoes are old。Bad shoes, and throw a pity, mended still can wear。I do wear a watch, but also ordinary, has been used for many years。  84, I think happiness is a most critical, is the small business ups and downs。Business today, down tomorrow, the most critical happy family。  85 exist, in addition to the creation of commercial prosperity and employment, the biggest role is to serve human needs。Companies are making profits for shareholders, but should adhere to a fixed culture, operating here's an achievement which is the best way to long-term development。  86, in order to meet the needs of the development and changes of the times, but also for their own survival and development, companies must be market-oriented to innovation as a means to efficiency as the core, rebuild corporate image。  87, the Yangtze River we want to survive, you have to compete; to compete, it must have good quality。Only ensure the quality, to ensure credibility in order to ensure the development and expansion of the Yangtze River。  88, I have a constraint on their own, not all are doing profitable business。Some of the business, how much money I earn, I do not earn……Some business people already know is harmful, even if society allowed to do, I do not do。  89, leading into dedicated work together sincerely, is the largest corporate drum power。Interactive communication with employees, respect for colleagues, team building before。Hard to find talent, to have the creativity, courage, and colleagues caution should be given good pay and display clear future。  90, for a worker, if he is usually so-so, I'll be very angry, some will criticize, but sometimes he do something wrong, you should give him a chance to correct。  91, most people have some strengths and some weaknesses section, like an elephant eat the bucket to count, ants a teaspoon would be enough。Whatever, all they need to use of talents as a principle; and like a machine, if the major parts needed to launch a five hundred horsepower, although half horsepower with a five horsepower is small compared to much more, but it can also play a part role。  92, Guren Jiang China: "original aim。"This 'cases' refers to 'in line with the actual situation, to reason'。Change is must be changed, the world has always been colorful, ever-changing。  93, to give good treatment and future employees, giving them the feeling of attention。Of course, also have a good system of checks and balances, or mountain high and the emperor far away, a good man will be worse。  94, although the pressure on the larger boss, but the boss money, have more than a lot of the staff, so I never forget to remind ourselves that everything should be more consideration for their employees so that they get benefits deserve。  95, I think that as in the West, there is a system and relatively aggressive, with two ways to do, rather than the overall total Westernization, or Confucian。Confucianism has its benefits, it also has its weaknesses, Confucianism in terms of progress is not enough。  96, a small family company to do it single-handedly, proper development of the company great son, then let the employees a sense of belonging, make them feel at ease, it is very important。Management of the Road, in simple terms is Zhirenshanren, but, in principle, be sure to make them a sense of belonging to them like you。  97, only a broad mind that he will not be so proud of everything does not consider himself superior to recognize other people's strengths, help others, and this is the ancients called "tolerance is" the truth。  Local 98, leave room for everything, because people are people, people are not God, inevitably there are mistakes, people can be forgiven, to forgive people。  Victor was born in mid-1964 personal experience Victor Li has been his life and family firmly bind。  1985, 21-year-old Victor formally joined the Cheung Kong Group and began from the grassroots, was placed in the office at the time of Cheung Kong Chinese Central line of work, his father and uncle generation to learn business management。Cheung Kong is the listed flagship of the Cheung Kong Group。1989 Victor became the executive director of Cheung Kong。  1992 Victor instead of his father into the board of directors as non-executive director of HSBC。  Victor Li, general manager of mid-1993 to become deputy director of Cheung Kong, and in 1994 became Vice-President。  Victor Li is responsible for the spin-off in mid-1996 CKI market, over-subscribed 25 times merit。In May, Victor was kidnapped century bandit Cheung Tze-keung, media reports, Li Ka-shing paid 10.After the huge ransom of HK $ 3.8 billion, Victor quickly out of danger。At that time, 32-year-old Victor Li, the next day after the escape to return the company to work as usual, did not see panic。After this incident, Li Ka-shing become more low-key, obviously his family protected。Victor had three women and one man, except for the eldest daughter of disclosing the names outside Yanning, the remaining child's name has been kept confidential so far。  Victor Cheung Kong in mid-1999 to become Deputy Chairman and Managing Director。In the same year, Victor announced its entry into the network, the founder of the website "Tom"。  In 2000, "Tom" in Hong Kong, up to 200 times oversubscribed, refresh the company's prospectus scores。Subsequently, Victor Li beats our expertise in restructuring and sale of bankrupt companies in the US asset management company Cerberus, the success of HK $ 3.8 billion to buy 31% stake in Air Canada。  In 2003, Victor was named "Time" magazine one of the "Annual global business community's most influential people", when he made 31% stake in Air Canada through a privately held company, then the name of Victor for the first time to private investment, Lee is also the first foray into the aviation industry。  Mid-2004, on behalf of Victor Cheung Kong Group donated HK $ 100 million for the construction of the National Aquatics Center "Water Cube"。  May 2, 2008, in the famous Victor Li Tsing Ma Bridge in Hong Kong, holding the Olympic torch relay rod 25, as the Olympic torch。  October 2009, CKI price of HK $ 58.8 billion acquisition of the water supply network NorthumbrianWater to follow his father after 27 years of political and business discipline, Victor is now vice chairman and managing director of Cheung Kong, Hutchison Vice-chairman of Cheung Kong Infrastructure, CK Life Technology chairman, executive director of power Assets, Husky energy Co-Chair, Director of HSBC, China CPPCC National Committee, member of the Hong Kong Commission on Strategic development and the Commission on sustainable development, Vice-Chairman of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce, as well as a small island nation of Barbados in Hong Kong's reputation consul。  In preparation for his May 25, 2012, Li Ka-shing's Cheung Department of the shareholders' meeting held in Hong Kong。Li Ka-shing said publicly that the eldest son Victor Li will manage the length and line all assets。Li Ka-shing also said, optimistic about the mainland economy is expected to still achieve impressive growth this year。For the European debt problem, he admits being limited impact on European business and not worry about European debt problems continue to worsen。  Li Ka-shing said, for future asset allocation of two sons, had to make a detailed consideration of years ago, is expected to be long and the Department of asset management all by the eldest son Victor Li。Long lines include Cheung Kong, Hutchison Whampoa, Cheung Kong Infrastructure, Hongkong Electric Holdings, Hutchison Telecommunications nearly ten companies, the market value of nearly HK $ trillion。  He said the second son Richard Li personally holds a considerable number of furniture size of the company, we believed that the two will not conflict on the issue of assets。Richard Li, he will fully support the development of its business, will help fund several times the size of the existing assets of Richard Li。  For the mainland economy, Li Ka-shing, said the mainland economy is currently in a state of acting freely。Over the past year, although the government has been tightening monetary policy, to loosen。He expects the mainland economy will continue to have good growth, it is expected to exceed 5%。  Chinese new richest man Victor visionary heavy discipline non-wealthy father at home in Victor's life, 1996 is a key year。That year, CKI on the market, 25 times the subscription amount of merit to make profound knowledge of Victor Li boarded the power list。Li Ka-shing said: Victor Li's performance can hit the 90s, if not their children, will give him 100 points。(Original title: 90-year-old eldest son of Li Ka-shing today officially retired succession) (Editor: DF064)

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