China called on the United States agreed to craft a request made to the WTO to discuss plea

US Trade Representative's office announced 23, against the so-called China's "discriminatory licensing requirements", the US government has requested consultations under the WTO dispute settlement mechanism with China。  US Trade Representative's office said in a statement, according to the instructions of the President Trump, the US Trade Representative Wright Abashidze day of the official presentation of the request for consultations to the WTO。  According to WTO rules, drew the consultation is the first link in the trade dispute settlement mechanism。If the consultations fail to reach a satisfactory result, proceedings brought before the WTO Dispute Settlement Body established the Expert Group to trial。  Trump 22 signed a memorandum, based on the US Trade Representative's office announced China "301 investigation" report, China instruction authorities to take restrictive measures, including goods imported from China will impose tariffs on a large scale, and restrictions on Chinese companies M & A investment in the US。  Chinese Ministry of Commerce spokesman responded by saying that the United States ignores the fact that the Chinese side to strengthen intellectual property protection, ignoring WTO rules, ignoring the voice of the majority of the industry, insists this is typical of unilateralism and trade protectionism, China is firmly opposed。In any case, the Chinese side will not sit by and watch their legitimate rights are being infringed, we are fully prepared to resolutely defend their legitimate interests。  Commerce Department of Treaty and Law Department official on the US measures will I resort to technical license conditions of the WTO dispute settlement mechanism issued a statement March 23, the United States in the WTO dispute settlement mechanism under the proposed entry to the Chinese request for consultations, the Chinese government about the alleged Technology measures license conditions do not comply with the relevant provisions "Agreement on Trade-related Aspects of intellectual Property Rights," the。Commerce Department of Treaty and Law Department official has issued a statement。  China has received a request for consultations proposed by the United States。The Chinese government has always attached great importance to IPR protection, to take a number of strong measures to protect the lawful rights and interests of people at home and abroad, achievements for all to see。China has always respected the rules of the WTO, the multilateral trading system。China to the United States to submit a request for consultations expressed regret, will be properly handled according to WTO dispute settlement procedures。(Click to read) [start] [Events] [Event counter the Chinese interpretation]

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