Create a board "red network" ChinaNetCenter no longer brave holdings of major shareholders cited stampede

The high-transfer program to send along with the holdings of major shareholders plan to be successful investors think is the major shareholder of the future cash "stepping stone"。  Since March 14, it has been called White Horse Unit ChinaNetCenter (300017.SZ) stock suddenly ushered in a wave of diving market。As of March 17, the closing has hit the lowest closing price since 45 years.57 yuan, just four days fell more than 15%。  What exactly is the reason the stock fell?Which is a lot of money suddenly flee?How recent performance ChinaNetCenter, whether there will be "restored" after crash?"Investor News" reporter tried to ask the company how to treat this incident, but has not received a reasonable explanation。  Holdings of major shareholders announced the agencies to flee the past few days, to buy a stock ChinaNetCenter small investors is a "disaster", just four days the share price decline exceeded 15%, the market value has shrunk nearly 6 billion, also a record the lowest closing price in two years, the highest closing price decline from last year nearly forty percent。  Recalling ChinaNetCenter listed history, it had a very "brave" performance。Founded in 2000, the 2005 operating CDN service (network acceleration) in 2009, listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, becoming the only listed company in a share accelerated。In the February 10, 2014, ChinaNetCenter once the closing price of 134 yuan, over the incident became the A shares, "the first high-priced stocks."。  However, the share price just a few days the situation "night returned to liberation" of this, the industry generally believe that it is the day before public high transfer program to send and planned holdings of major shareholders of "retaliation"。  Just before the stock began to collapse one day, the evening of March 13, ChinaNetCenter discloses its dividend transfer program: intends to shareholders for every 10 shares were distributed 2.5 yuan (including tax), to the capital fund to all shareholders 20 shares for every 10 shares, at the same time, the company also disclosed holdings of major shareholders plan。Company actual control person Chen Baozhen, director Chumin health are planned within the next six months, by way of reduction of no more than 500 million shares (total share capital 0.62%), 225 million shares (total share capital 0.28%).  Gaosongzhuan Chinese investors has always been considered a positive signal, because it means the company to some extent for their own future development with confidence, and after high transfer price becomes cheaper and more beneficial circulation, if the performance of good company to expand equity means that the hands of investors so much more high-quality chips。  However, ChinaNetCenter the high transfer program to send along with the holdings of major shareholders plan was part of the successful investors think is the major shareholder of the future cash "stepping stone"。Therefore, "high transfer" as the A-share concept features a large speculation, often become one of the major shareholders holdings of routine。Publicly available data show that as of the end of February, the proportion sent to turn the two cities 72 years to reach 10 companies sent to turn 5, 21 "High Bonus" program announcements also will "package" announced the reduction plan。  Looking back ChinaNetCenter market value change history, you can find a large shareholder cash holdings are not uncommon。According to ChinaNetCenter and listed block trading records, the actual controller Chen Baozhen, persons acting in Liucheng Yan and company secretaries Liping 5 Total cash at the end of the third quarter of last year.6.3 billion yuan。  So, this company plans a release of major shareholders, it would attract the market's rapid stampede。Since March 14, speed technology up to 35% of turnover, especially turnover of up to 8.6 billion。Moreover, volume two days more than the first two months of this year, and the turnover of 83.600 million yuan。  So, what is it who fled speed?  After-hours can be seen from March 14, the day of the stampede caused ChinaNetCenter Not surprisingly, institutional investors。Among them, China International Capital Corporation Limited Shanghai Huaihai Road securities business department topped the ChinaNetCenter a position to sell, sell amount of up to 5.0.2 billion yuan, accounting for 10 days.47%。In addition, the three agencies seats shipped a total of 5.800 million yuan, the Shenzhen-Hong Kong through seats Zapan 1.200 million yuan。  It is also worth noting that the world's largest charitable foundation by Bill Gates and Melinda Gates funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is the eighth largest shareholder ChinaNetCenter。In 2016 a quarter of its referral network places science and technology, massive buying 704 million shares ChinaNetCenter shares, became the tenth largest shareholders of the company。Then in the third quarter of the holdings, the stock is currently the eighth largest shareholder, holding 783 million shares outstanding shares。  The second half dividend of competition subsided in addition to holdings of major shareholders caused the share price fell, the industry also believe that ChinaNetCenter gradually slow the growth performance of large organizations may also cause a lack of confidence in its future development。  ChinaNetCenter previously disclosed first quarter results notice is not satisfactory。Performance of the company notice, an estimated 1 – March net profit of 1.700 million yuan to 2.400 million yuan, down 0-30%。In this regard, ChinaNetCenter interpreted as CDN domestic market competition, market prices come down significantly, resulting in a decline in gross company。  In addition, according to ChinaNetCenter 2016 annual report, although the company's revenue and net profit grew 52%, 50%, but comparing the past three years the company's fourth-quarter revenue and net profit year on year and sequential growth, the indicators of growth have more substantial decline。  Period in previous years, due to the video, mobile, networking outbreak ChinaNetCenter there was a period of rapid growth。However, in some industry view, the past few years ChinaNetCenter has been able to maintain high growth, it is mostly rely on traditional market information asymmetry。After entering the cloud computing vendors, the market becomes transparent, inflated prices can not be sustained。With Ali cloud, cloud computing company's incoming, CDN market began to face a new round of reshuffle。For example, Ali goes to provoke a price war over the past year Lie Li Yun was 17 times lower prices, the core cloud offering maximum decrease of 50%。  The pressure ChinaNetCenter such as traditional service providers face increasing ChinaNetCenter chairman Liucheng Yan worked in the earnings conference call, said "The current CDN industry and not the same as in previous years, the participants than in previous years less, there are many new companies to join。Market prices showed a larger adjustment, our company have also been adjusted, gross level also have a larger decline, thereby affecting the entire company profits。"He also revealed that the company's market share has declined relative to mid-2015, and Ali cloud occupy the second and third positions。  In contrast with similar experiences as well, due to poor performance, the company's share price fell more than 30% in the last one week。  For this situation, Liucheng Yan said, "We will increase efforts to expand overseas markets, overseas business is currently profitable, high-margin, is the focus of future development。"

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