Interview with President of the IEEE Digital Perception Program Yuan Yu: 5G boost car networking business model upgrade

Not long ago, "Fast and Furious 8" aggressively, which has a fragment, impressive。
In order to get a significant lockbox, hacker attacks near two thousand cars system, in the streets staged a "driverless" classic scenes。
Precise positioning and stable control for these "zombie car" to accurately attack the target。
Of course this is only a fragment of the movie, but it also proves that the imagination of unmanned areas from the side。 In Dr. Yuan Yu Chairman of the IEEE digital perception plan view, 5G soon will be able to support the interconnection of all things, allowing a wider range, come in a wider variety of devices to access。 Under the premise of the interconnection of all things, the car can access more sensors, and unmanned time will be more large-scale application。
Domestic car networking real pain points insufficient attention as an expert in car networking technology, Dr. Yuan Yu analyzed the domestic and foreign car networking development why so different。 He said, because foreign car in networking pay more attention to the interconnection between V2V (vehicle to vehicle) and V2I (vehicle and infrastructure), it is directly related to driver assistance and unmanned aerial vehicles。
But most of the domestic car networking in the car as an intelligent terminal oversized, limited to providing information and entertainment services over the cellular network to the car, this is a more one-sided。 In other words, the car made at home and abroad focused on networking direction are different。 He suggested that the country should pay more attention to V2V and V2I。
Dr Yuan has also called on the parties to the domestic car networking industry chain to pay more attention to motorists traveling itself, rather than in-vehicle information and entertainment services。
He believes that in-vehicle information and entertainment services in the field of traffic travel not just to be。 Dr. Yuan Yu said in car networking in this area, the US Department of Transportation has now entered a phase of intense legislation three years ago has made a draft, will be officially legislation recently, from 2018 to 2020, requires all the vehicles have the ability to transition to the real-time short car networking。
However, the domestic manufacturers and the industry in this area is not enough emphasis on。 According to Dr. Yuan Yu analysis, the latest developments in networking for the nearest car comes from domestic unmanned。
Unmanned make a lot of heat into this area startups。 He also noted that the unmanned vehicle networking allows traffic to travel the entire business model changes, and even led to electricity, logistics and other industries to upgrade the service model。
"Some companies might start doing unmanned not advertised, but also to do some of the segments associated with the drone or unmanned energized by the things。 "Yuan Yu said。
In his view, such signs is a good thing。 "Competition is beneficial, but also a brainstorming thing。 In the beginning of time, and unmanned vehicle networking players is relatively small, although the technology is feasible, but innovative business model is relatively backward。 After more companies come in, there was a lot to explore new business models in order to revitalize the entire industry。 "Telematics blessing unmanned drone sounds can be achieved and car networking separate two things, it is not true。
Telematics V2X the car is connected to the network or even the car into the net, including automotive car (V2V), automotive infrastructure (V2I), cars on the Internet (V2N) and cars to pedestrians (V2P), etc.。 Although the core of unmanned vehicles, rather than the network; no V2X, the driver can be automatically。
But no V2X, can not truly achieve full scene unmanned。 Dr. Yuan Yu explained that "pure single unmanned vehicles is defective, the sensor no matter how much equipment installed are born with a blind spot, but if you can V2X, and other road vehicles and other things and the way of real-time exchange information will be relatively safe。 Pure non-networked unmanned flawed had a natural nor necessary, and only to integrate unmanned vehicle networking technology to be able to do a more secure and efficient unmanned。 That unmanned vehicle networking and relationship support, it is with the blessing vehicle networking technology, unmanned can do better。
"But whether or unmanned vehicle networking, people connect to the Internet item, there will be reservations about issues such as security and reliability。
This year several cases of extortion virus ravaged the world, so that people have to worry about car networking security issues。 Dr. Yuan Yu explained that the subdivision of the car safety networking involves two aspects, one's own driving safety; the second is security information。 He said that with the launch of the unmanned vehicle networking technology, driving itself to solve the security problem, the computer is more reliable than a human driver, and wait until after the unmanned vehicle networking popularity, traffic accidents will be greatly reduced。 "As a result, networking and unmanned vehicles mainly from information security risks。
Wait until the car with the Internet, people are not in a dominant position, but is dominated by computer, so the future of information security will be the key。
In this regard the need for comprehensive efforts technologies, standards, legislative aspects。
But, of course, there is the issue of information security, but should not become an obstacle to hinder the unmanned vehicle networking and the development and popularity of。 "Dr. Yuan Yu think。 5G will play an important role in networking the car a few days ago, the State Council issued a document to strive to achieve commercial 5G in 2020, government incentives 5G no doubt to the domestic industry played a "doping"。
Businesses have ramped up, work fast。
Known, 5G network has lower latency and higher bandwidth than the expected speed 4G 5G at least 10-fold。
In 5G era, and people, people and things, things and objects, including cars and trucks, cars and things are fused to form a new information infrastructure。 It is reported, 3GPP defines a number of 1 millisecond to several milliseconds low latency scene, mainly in the field of unmanned。
At this stage, depending on the end to improve the low-latency more sensors, processors, and machine transmission algorithm。
In the 5G network scale deployment of ultra-low latency, more advanced communications technology car prices will bring more innovation, so that vehicles safer。
You know, in the field of vehicle networking and unmanned, 1 millisecond might decide the moment of life and death。
In Dr. Yuan Yu opinion, 5G can be said to be quantitative to qualitative changes, 5G with respect to 4G and 4G with respect to the progress of the progress of 3G is completely different。
5G era, under the premise of the interconnection of all things, the automotive industry have more games are played, the car itself is able to access more of the sensors, external car some items, such as high-rise buildings, lights, and even trees on the roadside sensors can access。 At that time the car networking, unmanned will become more secure and reliable。 "Because after 5G, in order to truly realize the interconnection of all things, car networking is one of three typical scenarios 5G。
After 5G commercial, vehicle networking, unmanned business models will emerge more innovation and development。 "Dr. Yuan Yu expressed。 Today, more and more Chinese enterprises to join them, they directly or indirectly promote the industry progress。 As an expert in this area, Dr. Yuan Yu is also currently engaged in this industry, which founded the company focused on virtual reality, augmented reality, human enhancement, intelligent robots and other digital perception related fields multinational corporations in technology, patents, standards, etc. We made a number of aspects of progress。

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