Gold closed up after the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates to rise further electronic trading gold

Tencent securities FRANCISCO, March 22 morning, according to the US financial website MarketWatch reported that gold futures prices rose on Wednesday, its highest close since a week, and continued to rise in electronic trading after the end of regular trading transactions, the reason is that after the Fed's monetary policy statement in March, the dollar fell further。
New York Mercantile Exchange, gold futures for April delivery rose $, to close at $ an ounce, or percent, the highest since March 14, the highest closing price, the contract had hit a nearly three in Tuesday's trading week closing low。 In electronic trading that followed, the price of gold to rise further to US dollars an ounce。 At the same time, May delivery silver prices also rose%, to close at US dollars an ounce。 In the related exchange-traded fund (ETF) trading, the world's largest gold exchange-traded fund SPDRGoldTrust rise in gold futures market closing%, tracking gold exchange-traded fund company rose VanEckVectorsGoldMinersETF%, iShares Silver Trust ETF ( iSharesSilverTrustETF) rose%。 Federal Reserve monetary policy statement released on Wednesday, hiked interest rates by 25 basis points。
At the same time, Fed officials had expected to maintain the same in December last year, is still expected to raise interest rates three times this year, but at the same time raised interest rates expected in 2019 and 2020。
Fed rate hike could weaken gold's attractiveness to investors, this is because gold is a non-interest-bearing assets。 At the same time, the Fed raising interest rates also tend to push the dollar up, but under normal circumstances, the dollar will lead to rising prices of gold and other dollar-denominated commodities futures fell because investors holding other currencies to buy the cost of these goods will become high。 After the monetary policy statement released to track the dollar against six major currencies exchange rate changes Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) dollar index fell percent to the index fell before the announcement about%。
"Gold bulls should keep in mind is that (the London Interbank Offered Rate) after the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates by 25 basis points, the federal funds rate was still lower Libor by 50 basis points。 "GoldMoney account AlasdairMacleod research director says。
"In this regard, future interest rates will continue to rise。
"In other metals trading in the New York Mercantile Exchange, copper futures for May delivery rose%, to close at $ per pound。
Platinum for April delivery rose%, to close at US dollars an ounce。 Palladium for June delivery rose%, to close at US dollars an ounce。

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