Janeway fall 44 points at home kawaii offer God allowed the Spurs with 29 points to 1 Heat 2

  Ticker on June 11, the Spurs played the perfect start away to 111-92 victory over the Miami Heat, NBA Finals 2-1。   Spurs re snatch home court advantage。
Test Wye – Leonard 10 of 13 shots, scored 29 points, Danny – Green 15 points and five steals, Tony – Parker 15 points, Tim – Tim Duncan 14 points and six rebounds。 Spurs audience hit rate of 59% off the bench Manu – Manu Ginobili 11 points。   Miami failed to complete the reversal, 11 home playoff game winning streak。 LeBron – James had 22 points and seven assists, Dwyane – Wade 22 points, two turnovers total of 12 times。 Rashard – Lewis pointers 5 from 4, 14 points, bench – Ray Allen 11 minutes。
  The second pass tough battle last moment, the Heat to tie the big score, made home advantage。
Heat did not leave the next day, the coach will bring together all the captains, study video games。
[] [] Heat of the study did not work, adjust the Spurs lineup today, let Dior starter。 Spurs play also changed constantly sudden strong basket, the Heat played a surprise。   Spurs hit rate surprisingly, after going on for nearly seven minutes, all the hits。 Outside gradually the power play, when the first section there are 5 minutes and 33 seconds, Leonard hit the third, they lead to 25-12, this time Leonard had 13 points for Houston。
This section there are 5 minutes 05 seconds, Duncan layup, this is the Spurs shot wide audience for the first time。
Heat strain is insufficient, they double-teamed Parker, but each time punished。 James themselves twice hit the third of his continuous, slightly narrowing the gap。
After Ginobili hit a buzzer three points, leading the Spurs to 41-25 end of this section。   Section II played nearly four minutes, Leonard hit a jumper, the Spurs to 55-30 lead。 Spurs earlier in this section 6 vote total, 19 of 21 shots before the audience, the hit rate of over 90%, staggering。 After the Spurs hit rate decreased slightly, while the Heat found a sense of the outside, Lewis hit two consecutive three-pointers in 32 seconds, and then he – Ray Allen each hit a record one-third, this section there are 2 minutes 41 sec, heat will lead into 48-62。 Earlier continuous shot of Parker finally angry, scored six points in the final 2 minutes and 24 seconds, the Spurs to 71-50 first half lead。   First half, the Spurs hit rate%。 9 has a score of players play fetched, Leonard had 18 points, 13 points Green, Duncan 10 minutes。 Heat% hit rate, James had 16 points, 11 points Lewis。
  This is the first home of the Miami Heat Finals this year, they are not willing to fight, the second half began to counterattack。 Miami adjusted its strategy to strengthen the defense of the basket, and achieved good results。
Wade in the third quarter after the start even vote with a penalty scored three points, they hit a wave of 12-4, chasing the score 62-75。 Spurs in the pre-holiday 4 minutes and 25 seconds, only to hit a ball, lost the first half of hand。
When the Heat continued to fight back, this section have 1 minute 59 seconds, Cole backhand shot, they only 74-81 behind。
However, in the remainder of this section, the Heat only 1 point, the Spurs to 86-75 halftime。
  - Ray Allen hit the third after the Heat in the fourth quarter will recover as the score 80-90。 Leonard fired back, separated by Anderson dunk after the break, after which he hit two free throws, the Spurs to 94-80 hold its ground。
Heat a few missed opportunities, the Spurs gradually control the situation。 Competition also 5 minutes and 11 seconds, Ginobili break dunk, the Spurs to 102-84 lead with 18 points。 Heat then unable to narrow the gap to single digits, the Heat had to give up, take down all the main in the game 1 minute 36 seconds。     (Angkor)。

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