Department of Housing and interviews with 12 city: not all prices rose this moment is the target system

Half a month ago, the Department of Housing interviews with 12 city and prevent overheated real estate market, followed by release of the New Deal and more, all over again usher in the property market regulation and control intensive period。(Recommended reading) reporter noted that this city be interviewed mainly in the Northeast and Midwest, prices in some cities rose significantly。But the price is not the only indicator, experts say, in fact, this interview with a Department of Housing and early-warning mechanism mentioned at the end of 2017 about。  12 7 City to be interviewed out of the New Deal in town recently, the Department of Housing on the property issue two official interviews with a number of cities。At press time, the city was in the 12 interviewed, seven city introduced the New Deal, including Hefei, Foshan, Harbin, Changchun, Guiyang, Chengdu, Taiyuan。  Reporters noted that these regulatory mostly based on the original policy on Network access, including the purchase and tightening restrictions on sale, the management of real estate sale prices, etc.。  Specifically, the restriction: the Chengdu proposed to purchase the object adjusted by a natural person for the family; household moved into the area under restriction for 24 months to buyers who meet certain conditions before they purchase; Taiyuan requirements, the city residence of the purchase of six districts of the city 2 sets。  Restricted areas: Harbin provisions of the 6 main city area newly purchased commodity housing sales limit implemented within three years; Guiyang provisions, the purchase of a new house may not be transferred within three years; Taiyuan requirements, purchase of new housing at least two years before the transfer transaction; Chengdu proposed buying a new house or second-hand housing for three years before sale。  Sale price control: Changchun made, shall not exceed the actual transaction price of commercial housing presale declared value, or no net signed; Guiyang regulations, the implementation of real estate sales price tag, a room for a price system; Hefei requirements, developers obtain advance after the license to carry out pre-sale。  In addition, the provisions of Foshan, avoid opening the project or sales activities during the night, is expected to adopt Yao Hao and other ways to sell as much as possible when the higher number of buyers。  What are the characteristics of these cities?   – Features a: concentrated in the Northeast, Midwest City 12 interviewees were Xi'an, Haikou, Sanya, Changchun, Harbin, Kunming, Dalian, Guiyang, Xuzhou, Foshan, Chengdu, Taiyuan, not all owned by National Bureau of Statistics class 15 hot cities。  "The interviewees city mainly in the Northeast, Midwest, as well as the introduction of free trade policies of Hainan, instead of the traditional first-and second-tier cities strong。"I love my president Hu Jinghui, Group Marketing Institute told reporters WASHINGTON。  For comparison, the 2016 Beijing issued the "930 Deal" before the building housing the Department has interviewed some cities, followed by nearly 20 city released market regulation policy。When the former China Banking Regulatory Commission issued a notice of soaring housing prices in 16 cities banking financial institutions to conduct a special inspection, which dominated the city to first and second line。  Real Estate Institute of Xi'an Jiaotong University, Yang Lang pointed out that prices this low absolute value of cities to be interviewed, in the case of first- and second-tier cities are severely restricted part of the purchase of some real estate or investment funds turned to the original non-hotspot city。   – Features two: the introduction of more talent introduction of the New Deal "to be interviewed by some of the city had previously introduced policies to attract talent, which is often linked to the household, a lot of people can enjoy the preferential purchase of local residents。"Said Hu Jinghui。  Reporters noted that prior to being interviewed, Xi'an, Chengdu, Changchun, Guiyang, Xuzhou and other cities have announced the introduction of talent policy, Hainan is released "a million people into Hainan Action Plan" in mid-May。   – Features 3: prices in some cities rose significantly relaxed to varying degrees, to bring in some places people settled policy of the property market trending。  According to the National Bureau of Statistics released data rates 70 city, 12 cities were interviewed, in addition to Foshan, the city's remaining 11 new home prices in March and April appear invariably rose。  Which, in March Haikou new home prices rose more than 70 ranks first in the city, 2.1%, Changchun (1%) in third。In April, Xi'an, Haikou, Sanya, Harbin, Dalian, Guiyang, Taiyuan City 7 new home prices rose more than 1% over。  Foshan City is not among the 70, Foshan City, according to Housing and Urban Administration official website data, in March, Foshan new home price rose slightly in April decline。  The interviews before What's the difference?  It is worth noting that the interviewees are not all 12 city house prices rose significantly in the city。  "This early warning system established by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-related warning in some places prices are likely to rise in the future。"Centaline Dawei said the chief, after the previous administration, this time the interview was pre-warning。  By the end of 2017, the Ministry of Housing proposes to establish a "real estate statistics and market monitoring and early warning indicator system" and "strengthen the assessment and evaluation of the local real estate market stable job interviews and accountability" mechanism。  Dawei pointed out that 12 cities in interviews, in fact, is the landing of these policies, represents the future of warning – interviews – accountability, regulation of real estate began to upgrade from a past town to a three-step plan。  Hu Jinghui also believes that the interviews and monitoring system of the Ministry of Housing related。"If the market has greater volatility, speculative investment push factors significantly re-introduction of the policy when the high prices, there will be a lag。"He said it is time to adjust and accountability policies based on transaction prices, more timely and effective。  Department of Housing and reiterated twice in 10 days of real estate regulation does not relax the real estate market in some cities because of the recent signs of overheating, speculation on the rise, the Ministry of Housing and Urban issued the "Notice on Further Improving the issues related to the real estate market regulation work," May 19, reiterated unswervingly adhere to the real estate regulatory target, the intensity does not relax。  It is worth mentioning that the "notice" issued from the Department of Housing and interviews Chengdu, Taiyuan cities, emphasis on upholding the regulation of real estate goal without wavering, the intensity does not relax just 10 days。  "Notice" clearly put forward to establish the premium rate linkage mechanism to prevent land prices pushed up house prices。In this regard, Yi Ju Yan Yuejin, director of research center Institute think tank noted that it fully reflects the current regulation of new ideas, help stabilize land prices, real estate is an important long-term development mechanism。  Yang Lang believes that the so-called "stable real estate market" refers to the real estate market supply and demand balance, price stability, prices are too high can fluctuate slightly, but do not appear boom or slump。In order to achieve a stable real estate market, in addition to the purchase, restricted and other administrative means, but also the use of economic and legal means co-regulation。  Price movements around the market regulation

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