Deutsche Bank: mid-2015 stocks of 15 major investment theme

US stock market center: Exclusive offer full industry sector stocks, premarket after-hours, ETF, warrants night network real-time quotes, nightlife network Finance YORK, Dec. 16 news, although US stocks bull market has lasted nearly six years, but do not think Wall Street bull market is ending。US stocks rise but the pace is likely to be slow, Deutsche Bank (Deutsche Bank) strategist David Bianco is expected by the end of 2015 the S & P 500 index will rise to 2150 points by the end of 2016 rose to 2300 points, compared with Monday's close, respectively, 8% and 15.6%。  The bank said that although the US real GDP growth next year is likely to exceed 3 percent slump in oil prices and the US dollar will limit the growth of profits of listed companies。Deutsche Bank is expected next year the S & P 500 index overall earnings per share (EPS) growth rate may be only 3%, well below the 7% this year。  The following is the Deutsche Bank raised the 2015 Wall Street investment 15 major themes: 1) a poor start: As earnings are expected to fall and the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates soon, a quarter of the S & P 500 index could correct more than 5%; 2) adhere to a strong stock: Maintain overweight medical technology blue chips and lower valuations。 These two types of equity valuations continue to expand the space for the largest profit growth and healthy; 3) Overweight domestic cycle stocks: strong US GDP would be positive for banks and retail stocks; slow 4) EPS growth but strong dividend; 5) commodity stocks remain cautious: wait oil prices stabilized and 4 quarterly disclosure; 6) capital goods industry is facing three major challenges: China, oil and the dollar; 7) the driving force of capital expenditures: increase productivity rather than increase productivity; 8) transport category shares of concern: transport sector focused on domestic business, but also energy users; 9) in the same spot 80 years of the last century: the downturn in oil prices, a strong dollar; 10) S & P 500 profit: more than 10% of the net realized profitability is difficult, but profit margins median return (mean reversion) do not appear; 11) wait, buy callback: slow EPS growth and the upcoming Fed rate hike will result in correction; 12) Republican-controlled Congress: we focus on corporate tax policy and profit repatriation tax (tax return); 13) small-cap stocks: 2015 performance may be better than 2014, but still more bullish on large-cap stocks; 14) next year may be a major Not imagine the amount of events: the risk can be hedged through financial derivatives; 15) What is the normal level of interest rates and the corresponding fair valuation of 500 S & P?  (Shofu compilation)

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