Honey citron tea honey citron tea practice, how do honey citron tea

Honey citron tea brewing grapefruit immersed in hot water of about 65 deg.] C for 5 minutes, this could make the skin pores fully open, easy cleaning, peeling and pickled。
Grapefruit cut, remove the flesh stand; grapefruit skin salt repeated scrubbing, rinse with water and then。Taken with grapefruit sliced yellow sheath, as thin as possible, with less white flesh inside the cut grapefruit skin, rubbing salt repeatedly forced to get rid of bitter therein, then rinse, which will be repeated step。In order to remove the bitter orange peel, grapefruit skin may be washed into the pot, pour amount of water, boiling the fire switch guy cook for 10 minutes, remove and grapefruit skin, dry control water, shredded。The grapefruit pulp into the blender puree stir。The prepared mud filaments and pulp into the pot, add sugar and appropriate amount of water, neutralized with 1 Huoao?2 hours, boil thick, bright golden naringin from the fire to。Was added honey to be warm, stir honey citron tea production is complete。
The honey citron tea make a sealed container, placed in the refrigerator。Drink it just dig 2?3 tablespoons grapefruit tea, and then into the amount of warm water, mix well and serve。Honey citron tea efficacy and role of grapefruit are rich in vitamin C, sweet and sour taste, there Jianweixiaoshi, lungs, the role of qi and phlegm, grapefruit skin to the oil solution tired, clear fire, physiologically active substances it contains naringin , cerebral thrombosis, stroke and other cerebrovascular diseases have a good preventive effect, especially for the elderly to eat。
Honey has moistening detoxification, beauty, protect the liver, enhance the effectiveness of the immune system and laxative。
This tea honey citron tea can moistening phlegm, skin care, stomach and digestion, especially for patients with cerebrovascular disease drinking Fall。

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