Diversification of bilateral economic and trade relations: no longer a single import and export of mineral resources

Newspaper reporters in Canberra electric Weng Donghui reports: China Australia Chamber of Commerce recently published annual trade report that, while mineral and energy commodities trade growth between China and Australia began to weaken, but in agriculture, financial services, machinery manufacturing, tourism, education, etc. It has ushered in a new field of cooperation climax, increasing jobs in related fields, indicating that bilateral trade has been to diversify from a single import and export of mineral resources and huge development potential。  Report highlights that more than half of the companies because of trade with China into the global production chain。Non-raw material industries in Australia began to use trade ties with China's integration into global value chains, and thus open up new markets, enhance international competitiveness。  The report stressed that the Australian entrepreneur, the long-term importance of the Chinese market will become more prominent。Total direct trade with China has accounted for Australia's gross domestic product 5.5%, far exceeding the local agriculture, forestry and fishery production value of the sum。Has been doing business in China Australian companies said they will promote Australian products to the Chinese market, the implementation of brand management, marketing, creating more profit, benefit。Australia and China this year is expected to sign bilateral free trade agreements will further promote bilateral cooperation in transportation and warehousing, agriculture, financial and business services, real estate and mining and other fields to achieve mutual benefit and win-win。  ACBC (ACBC) was established in 1973 to promote business between China and Australia bilateral trade and investment, and economic cooperation and the exchange of understanding。As one of the Australian Government's adviser, the Australian Chamber of Commerce plays an important role in commercial relations between the two countries in。

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